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    Ridwan Kamil: Badak & Hanoman Waterfall Have Great Potential To Be Developed


    TASIKMALAYA REGENCY - The arrival of the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil to the natural park of Curug Badak and Curug Hanoman seized the attention of many visitors who wanted to meet in person. Dadan (47), a resident of Garut who came with his family to the twin waterfall attractions, said he was happy to be able to meet directly with the leader in West Java.

    "You didn't expect to see the Governor directly and you had a photo together," he said on Friday (07/12/19).

    Governor Ridwan Kamil that afternoon intentionally came to a tourist attraction which was quite far from the center of the city to see firsthand the potential that could be developed.

    "Every week I try to visit every village in West Java that has tourism potential, today to Sukasetia village see some waterfalls that have become local tourist destinations," said the Governor who came accompanied by Regent of Tasikmalaya Ade Sugianto.

    Emil, as he is known, is of the opinion that the nearby Badak and Hanoman waterfalls have great tourism potential to be developed. This waterfall located on the Tasikmalaya border with Garut is always packed with thousands of visitors every day. But Emil assessed that there was a need to improve the supporting facilities. Even so the road access to the tourist park is fairly smooth.

    "But I see the infrastructure here must be improved," he said.

    Through the village tourism program Emil said the provincial government would help to repair a number of points. By maximizing the tourism potential in the village of Emil, he hopes that the villagers can lift their economy such as opening restaurants, souvenirs and tour guides.

    "With the tourism village program, there will be assistance from the province. In the end, the villagers do not have to move to the city but maximize the potential of their villages to work," he explained.

    In the waterfall Hanoman Emil tried to feel the fresh waterfall coming from Mount Talaga Bodas.

    "This is the incredible wealth of Tasikmalaya, the place of interest is staying plus additional attractions and promotions," he said.

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