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    Governor: Cigatas Toll - Strategic Elements for Developing East Priangan


    TASIKMALAYA CITY - Governor Ridwan Kamil revealed that the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java has determined the project location for the Cileunyi-Garut-Tasik Toll Road (Cigatas).

    The Governor has signed the location determination (penlok) some time ago. However, for the benefit of the project, Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, did not mention which locations would be crossed by the toll road.

    "I signed the Cigatas Toll Road this month," Ridwan Kamil said after being inaugurated the Al Muhajirin mosque on Campus 1 of Siliwangi (Unsil) University, Tasikmalaya City on Friday (07/12/19).

    According to Emil, this year the Cigatas Toll Road has entered the auction stage, which means the freeway to Cilacap, Central Java will be completed soon.

    Emil views Tol Cigatas as a necessity for residents, especially East Priangan. West Java Provincial Government is concerned about this toll road. As a supporter of the progress of the eastern Priangan region, Cigatas can boost the economy and tourism.

    "East Priangan has to move forward supported by the construction of the Cigatas Toll Road, which this year will begin the auction if it is completed, it will increase progress in the east," Emil said.

    According to him, the East Priangan region has abundant natural and agricultural resources. The only thing that needs to be prepared is superior human resources.

    For this reason, Emil hopes that the Siliwangi University academic community, which is now a country, can produce many competitive HR who contribute to the advancement of East Priangan.

    "I entrusted Unsil graduates with 4.0 skills and spirituality skills. So West Java, the champion of inner birth must be seen by Unsil graduates who are balanced between their scientific knowledge and contribute to regional development," Emil hoped.

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