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    Pindad Offered Products via Online


    BANDUNG - Industrial Product Business Director of PT Pindad Heri Heriswan said that PT Pindad would now increase industrial products in addition to making products for military purposes.

    One of them is making excavators of various types and abilities. One of the amphibios excavators has the ability to dredge directly from the river.

    "These ecavator amphibios products have been tested to dredge garbage and Citarum deposits, now ready to be sold in bulk," he told reporters in his office on Friday (12/7).

    In addition, Pindad also produces the latest excavators with dredging capacity of up to 5 tons. The excavator was launched during an exhibition at BSD Jakarta recently.

    "Everything can be ordered," he explained.

    Uniquely, now Pindada is starting to make updates on its website channels, one of which is to be able to order Pindad industrial products through the www.pindad.com web site.

    "We want to increase the market, one of which is by selling online. But of course for industrial products not defense," he said.

     In addition to selling products, Pindad also offers repair or maintenance services for the products it sells. In the future, said Heri, the maintenance and repair service business will become one of the important business cores of Pindad. jo

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