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    Regional Regulation on Non-Smoking Areas in West Java Chances to Be Revised


    BANDUNG - West Java Province already has a Regional Regulation (Perda) concerning Non-Smoking Areas (KTR). The regulation that was born from the initiative of the West Java Parliament has been hit by the hammer on March 21. Many people consider this regulation to emerge suddenly, without involving the participation of all interested communities, especially tobacco farmers.

    The assessment appeared in a discussion attended by legislative candidates who would fill the seats in the next West Java DPRD, including candidates from Hasim Adnan's National Awakening Party and candidates from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Rafael Situmorang, SH.

    For Hasim Adnan and Rafael Situmorang, local regulations that are considered "odd" are certainly a challenge. Because in the hands of the new legislative candidates, the regulation has the opportunity to be revised, revoked, or remain allowed even though it is deemed not to involve widespread community participation.

    "The KTR regulation is very likely to be revised. In the context of interested community participation (farmers and tobacco entrepreneurs). PKB is concerned about this, because one of the PKB bases is farmers, "said Hasim Adnan.

    According to him, the drafting of regulations must involve all parties. Including in making KTR Perda, those who are pro-smoking and anti-smoking must be invited to participate and provide input.

    Rafael Sitomorang also stated that the regulation arrangement needs to involve the community. However, in this case the community itself must actively fight for it. As a concern in employment, he gave an example of this question: Government Regulation Number 78 of 2015 concerning Wages where there is a clash of interests between workers and employers.

    "It's the same as tobacco, there is a fight between anti-smoking activists and pro tobacco farmers," Rafael said.

    For this reason, he continued, civil society participation was needed. But this civil society must be strong to win a regulation that is in favor of its interests. So public participation must also be fought for.

    "Participation depends on political actors and civil society. If civil society is strong, the country will open up. So do not expect the state to open itself, but people still need to struggle to open the way for participation, "he said.

    Chairman of KI Jabar And Satriana see that every regulation drafting both laws and local regulations must have an element of interest. For example political interests. Regulation itself is a political product.

    "In cigarettes it seems that the interests are there but they are not opened. To be clear about whose interests it must be done at the open table. "He said (Pun)

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