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    West Java Provincial Government Will Provide Financial Aid to District / City Governments


    KUNINGAN REGENCY- The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java will provide financial assistance in the amount of Rp. 200 billion for each Regency / City in 2020. This assistance is given based on the submission of Regency / City Regional Government.

    In the Kopdar (Regional Government Coordination) II Quarter 2019 event at Prima Sangkanhurip Resort, Kuningan Regency, Thursday (07/11/2019), West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, to realize West Java Inner Born Champion, a budget of around Rp. 800 trillion. Meanwhile, the West Java Regional Budget is currently around Rp. 35 trillion.

    "As of today we can only afford Rp. 200 billion per region. If it is averaged a lot," said Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - when met after the Kopdar event.

    Therefore, said Emil, the West Java Provincial Government will work so that development does not depend on the Regional Budget alone. According to him, there are eight budget doors that can be used to finance the development of West Java.

    In addition to Regency / City APBD, provincial APBD, and APBN, there are five other budget doors, namely private funds through PPPs (Business Entity Cooperation) or Public Private Partnership (PPP), regional bonds, banking funds, community funds, and CSR funds .

    Emil also called the West Java Provincial Government will lobby the ministry or the President, so that they can prioritize West Java. Because, West Java is the province with the largest population in Indonesia.

    "We commit (commit) that the source of payment for development is a door to the National Budget. We will lobby, with detailed results from Level II (District / City). I will lobby the ministry or the President to prioritize West Java, which is the population, in the largest "he said.

    In addition, Emil also stated that the financial assistance that the West Java Provincial Government would give to the Regency / City Government was not arbitrary. Assistance is given based on certain criteria, such as the number of residents and achievement of regional achievements.

    "We give (financial assistance) not from giving, but come from based on the quality and number of the population. Then, the achievements of the Regency / City can be given more," he said.

    "Including those who have succeeded in making the provincial program more active, of course we will provide additional," he continued.

    According to Emil, through Kopdar, his party could find out the aspirations of the Regional Heads of West Java. The Regional Head who was present could say the problem was related to road infrastructure, transportation, and waste.

    "The problem of complexity, is very large. But half (the aspirations of the Regional Head) is back again the problem of connecting road infrastructure, transportation, garbage, etc.," Emil said.

    "This Kopdar tradition is very good, this is a new tradition. The longer Insyaallah there will be a minimization of the missed communication that we might face," he concluded.

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