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    Nine Priorities for West Java Development in 2020


    KUNINGAN REGENCY- The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java again held Regional Government Coordination (kopdar) for the Second Quarter of 2019. This time the Kopdar was held at Resort Prima Sangkanhurip, Panawuan Street No.121, Kuningan Regency, Thursday (07/11/2019).

    In this Kopdar, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, who was accompanied by Deputy Governor of Uu Ruzhanul Ulum explained a number of development priorities that will be carried out in West Java in 2020. There are nine development priorities.

    Access to education for all

    One of them, starting next year tuition fees for high school / vocational schools throughout West Java will be free.

    Decentralization of health services

    Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called - said that the West Java Provincial Government would maximize the Layad Rawat program.

    "We also have plans to invest in building Class C and Class B hospitals. I wait for proposals from the regency / city. At least ten of our projects have been prepared, the location is up to stay. Specifically, for regions where the ratio of hospitals is still small, "he said.

    Community-based economic growth based on innovation

    One of the things Emil emphasized was the optimization of the One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) program.

    Development of tourism destinations and infrastructure

    According to Bank Indonesia, what will help the West Java economy is tourism. Therefore, Emil said that he would develop the potential of the West Java tourism sector. "We will maximize tourism through three types of development, namely: Improving access, improving destinations, and creating special economic zones (SEZ)," he said.

    "In five years swatch in each area of ??200 hectares. I want one Regency / City to have one SEZ," he continued.

    Religious education and champion place of worship

    The West Java Provincial Government together with the West Java DPRD are currently discussing regional regulations on religious education, including discussing pesantren. "We also hope that we will become more religious, the Maghrib Mengaji program, the Shubuh Berjamaah, which will be played by the regional leadership," Emil said.

    Regional connectivity infrastructure

    Emil explained that the West Java Regional Government Office has a Banhub office in Jakarta. This office can be used by regencies / cities for various activities, one of which is in the Banhub office, there will be a lobbying team that will help district / city governments in West Java to lobby the central government through ministries / agencies to get strategic infrastructure projects.

    In addition, on this occasion, Emil also explained about the Beautiful Credit (Regional Infrastructure) program. District / City Governments in West Java can utilize this credit in collaboration with Bank BJB.

    Movement to build villages

    Inequality is still a problem in West Java. Emil invited the Regency / City Government to develop village affairs together.

    "Let's fight together for village affairs. Now the status of the village in West Java, the village that had developed into a developed village, is around 500 villages," he said. "So, we will focus on the village," Emil continued.

    Free subsidy of Golekmah (Weak Economic Group)

    This subsidy is given to health services for the poor, free schools for poor people, repairs of Unlivable Houses (Rutilahu), college scholarships for poor people, champion workers, and free basic necessities.

    Public service innovation and regional arrangement

    Emil said that he wanted all regencies / cities in West Java to be full digital in their government activities. One of the things he stressed, namely the use of e-Budgeting which he considered would be more able to save on budget use.

    "Then, we have a worker remuneration program. So, this ASN is diligently thick and the ones that are not diligent are thin," he said.

    As the host, Kuningan Regent Acep Purnama welcomed the implementation of the Kopdar in his area. Through Kopdar, continued Acep, District / City Governments in West Java could propose several programs to be implemented in their regions. Especially related to strategic development plans to accelerate West Java's Born Birth Champion vision and mission.

    "God willing, there will be a presentation on the West Java RKPD, so that we can prepare ourselves to develop alternative programs in the regencies / cities," said Acep.

    "I really hope that there will be a role for the Regional Government of West Java Province to solve problems in the District / City," he continued.

    Kopdar itself is a new innovation and tradition program carried out by the West Java Provincial Government under the leadership of Governor Ridwan Kamil and Deputy Governor of Uu Ruzhanul Ulum. Kopdar is intended to intensify communication and friendship between the Governor and the Regent / Mayor, as well as other regional government administrators regularly and sustainable. The aim is to create a synergy between governance and governance between the West Java Provincial Government and the West Java District / City governments.

    Also present was Regent of Bandung, Regent of Cianjur, Regent of West Bandung, Regent of Kuningan, Regent of Ciamis, Acting. Regent of Cirebon, Regent of Pangandaran, Regent of Purwakarta, Regent of Majalengka, Regent of Tasikmalaya, Regent of Sumedang, Regent of Bogor, Mayor of Cirebon, Mayor of Bandung, Mayor of Sukabumi, Mayor of Banjar, Mayor of Depok, Mayor of Tasikmayala, Mayor of Cimahi.

    Then, Deputy Regent of Subang, Deputy Regent of Garut, Deputy Regent of Karawang, and Deputy Mayor of Bogor. While the regions represented by the Regional Secretary (Sekda), namely the Secretary of the City of Bekasi, the Secretary of Bekasi Regency, the Secretary of Sukabumi Regency, and the Secretary of Indramayu Regency.

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