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    HLUN 2019, Ridwan Kamil Exposes the West Java Government Elderly Program


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java would maximize the happiness of the elderly in West Java. He also explained a number of strategic programs to make this happen in the peak event of the National Level 2019 Elderly Day (HLUN) at the West Java Perjuangan Rakyat Monument, Bandung City, Wednesday (07/10/2019).

    "We want to maximize the happiness index of the elderly in West Java," said Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - in his speech.

    "All the Governor's policies regarding the elderly are actually reflections of my dedication to my biological mother who is still alive and always eagerly pleases me," he continued.

    According to Emil, when the age has entered dusk, there are two things that become challenges, the physically weakened and mentally need special attention from the younger ones.

    For this reason, the West Java Provincial Government has several programs to increase the happiness and quality of life of the elderly. Like the Elderly Sunday program inspired by the Indonesian Legion Veterans (LVRI).

    The program will invite young volunteers to visit the elderly, at least once a week. The aim is to bring joy to the elderly through interaction and communication.

    "We are making an Elderly Sunday movement where we arrange young volunteers to stay in touch with the elderly, especially those who are lonely, bring food, take a picnic, to Car Free Day or just accompany the talk," he said.

    In addition, said Emil, a program to increase the productivity of the elderly, namely the elderly returned to school. However, not to study, but to become a guest teacher. "There is a former governor, a former artist who is still great, a former regent, former smart people who love if a couple of broken knowledge is not transferred to a generation of children," he said.

    Emil also said that his party was conducting a scientific study whose results would be made policy. The results of the study are expected to be an input to the policy of the Governor of West Java to maximize the lives of the elderly.

    "Including we are calculating about making it easy, free, providing subsidies for health costs, for the cost of picnics, for other things it's up to the elderly. I just said yes, "he said.

    In addition, Emil said that his party would launch the Flash Pesantren program for the elderly. Not only a spirituality program, in this lightning pesantren, the elderly will be given insight into agriculture or gardening. The plan, the location of the pesantren is in West Bandung Regency.

    "Two weeks a month we study religion at the pesantren prepared. When not paying, can garden, farm, or grow crops. So, both can, physical activities approach nature and spiritual learning activities in religion, "he said.

    The Indonesian Social Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita revealed that the elderly are not an obstacle to continue to contribute to the country and society. As a young generation, continued Agus, we need to support the positive spirit of the elderly, as seen in the 2019 HLUN program which was attended by around 6,000 elderly people.

    The government will also encourage the 60-year old age limit to be changed to 65 years. Because according to Agus, age 60 is a productive and active age. In accordance with the HLUN 2019 theme "Independent, Prosperous, and dignified Elderly."

    "Of course I will consider encouraging the revision of the regulation so that our elderly people will be 65 years old," he said.

    "It is our challenge now that the elderly can become assets of Human Resources that remain healthy, independent, productive, prosperous and dignified, so that the elderly can still contribute positively to development," he added.

    Furthermore, Agus explained that Indonesia had entered an era with an old structured population. The era began in 2000 with the proportion of the elderly reaching 7.18%, while a country categorized as an old-structured country if the proportion of the elderly reached 7% and above.

    The growth of the number of elderly people from year to year continues to increase. In 2005 there were 8.5% of the elderly population, in 2010 there were 9.77% of the elderly population, and by the end of 2018 the population of the elderly had reached 24.4 million or 9.27% ??of the total population of Indonesia. By 2020 the number of elderly people in Indonesia is expected to reach 11.3%.

    "Of course this should have been done by the central and regional governments in collaboration with non-governmental institutions to give attention and support to the elderly," he said.

    Agus also explained several things related to the concrete steps that need to be taken to make the elderly as productive HR assets. First, preventive measures are prevention and prevention efforts and overcome the risk of poverty in the elderly. Second, protection is an effort to provide basic services and social assistance for the elderly who need services.

    Third, promotion is an effort to increase skills capacity and income levels in the elderly. Fourth, transformative is an effort to prepare a set of laws and policies to eliminate vulnerability and inequality for the elderly.

    National figure caring for the elderly

    At the 2019 National HLUN peak event, Emil was awarded the National Figure of Care for Seniors in 2019 from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Emil is considered an architect and politician who is very concerned with the elderly.

    The position of strategic position as head of the region both during his term as mayor and as governor continues to prioritize on improving the quality of services for the elderly.

    Emil's various monumental works were made during his tenure as Mayor and Governor. Various basic service centers for the elderly are supported by various pro-elderly policies, such as Taman Lansia and elderly friendly hospitals.

    Besides Emil, the list of other 2019 HLUN Award recipients is as follows:

    1. Categories of community leaders: Hj. Kartinah, Damayanti, Ika Siti Rahmatika, Corie Wadu Lay Rade, Dr. Sukesi and Meti,
    2. Category LKS-LU: Siti Jumariah (Harapan Borneo), I Gwde Eka (Yayasan Maha Bhoga Marga), Sr. Elizabeth (PSTW Senjarawi Bandung), Erhan Herdianto (Wahana Insani Waluya) and Sr. Feronika Indrawati (Catur Nugraha Foundation),
    3. Family Category: Maria Iraz Jakadewa,
    4. Group Categories: Reflecting Points (Diabetes Militus Plus) and Deni Putra (We Care Bireun),
    5. Regional Head Category: Bandung Mayor Oded M. Danial, Jambi Mayor Syarif Pasha, Mayor of Padang Mahyeldi Anshrullah, Bandung Regent Dadang Naser, Hulu Sungai Selatan Regent Achmad Fikry, and West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.
    6. Categories of the Arts and Culture: Bimbo,
    7. Categories of Population: Haryono Suyono, and
    8. Categories of the Environment: Emil Salim.

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