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    The Governor of West Java Hopes that These Three Values Will Be Held by the Indonesian Police Institution


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil was the inspector of the ceremony of the 73rd Bhayangkara Day of the Republic of Indonesia National Police (Polri) at Gasibu Field, Bandung City, Wednesday (07/10/2019).

    Met after the ceremony, Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting - hoped the Indonesian police institution had three values that needed to be improved. These three values are professional, modern and trustworthy.

    "On behalf of the Regional Government of West Java Province, we are very happy, congratulating the 73rd anniversary of the Indonesian National Police," he said.

    "Of course, we hope to always have three values; one professional, and continues to be modern in improving quality, and finally is reliable, "he continued.

    Emil also assessed that the police institution, especially the West Java Regional Police (Polda), had managed to maintain security in West Java. So, he feels proud of the West Java Regional Police because there is no serious matter that interferes with the conductivity of the region he leads.

    "We are proud and we monitor from West Java, we read that there are no excessive ripples in conducivity in West Java Province," he said.

    The Government through the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, also appreciated the achievement of the positive performance of the National Police. According to the President, the internal security situation throughout 2018 and 2019 is well maintained.

    The National Police and TNI, the President continued, have secured all international events held by the government, such as the Asian Games, the Asian Para Games, and the IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting 2018 in Bali.

    "The Indonesian National Police and the TNI have also secured the implementation of the simultaneous regional elections in 2018 and the 2019 elections, so that they are held safely, peacefully and democratically," the President said in his message read by Emil during the ceremony.

    The police are also considered successful in maintaining the security of the entire community agenda, such as the celebration of Christmas 2018, New Year 2019, up to Ramadhan and Eid al-Fitr 2019. Even the President's presentation to the National Police has succeeded in uncovering various crimes, ranging from conventional crimes that disturb people, crime cross-country such as terrorism, narcotics trafficking, trafficking in persons, cyber crime, and other crimes.

    Including successfully cracking down on crimes of corruption. Because throughout 2018, the National Police has succeeded in uncovering state losses worth Rp 2.9 trillion and saving state funds of Rp 2.3 trillion.

    Five Presidential Instruction

    In his mandate on the 73rd Bhayangkara Day, President Joko Widodo gave 5 instructions as guidelines for Polri members on duty. The President asked the Indonesian Police to continue to improve the quality of Human Resources (HR) to face the challenges of increasingly complex tasks, and to support the realization of Indonesia Golden 2045.

    In addition, the President requested that the Police put forward a proactive policing strategy and humanitarian actions to prevent and deal with various social problems that occur in people's lives.

    "Third, continue to improve the quality of public services that are modern, easy, cheap, fast, consistent and sustainable," the President ordered.

    Then, the National Police were asked to increase professionalism in law enforcement in order to realize professional, transparent and fair law enforcement.

    "Fifth, strengthen coordination and cooperation with the TNI, Ministries or institutions, local governments, and the community in maintaining internal security," he concluded.

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