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    West Java Government Agreed to Cooperate in 25 Fields with North Maluku


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) and North Maluku Provincial Government agreed to cooperate in 25 fields. This was stated in a joint memorandum of understanding signed by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil and North Maluku Governor Abdul Ghani Kasuba in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Tuesday (07/07/2019).

    The collaboration was carried out to improve development collaboration between West Java and North Maluku while optimizing resources. The goal is, of course, so that the prosperity and welfare of the people of the two provinces increases.

    In his speech, Abdul Ghani Kasuba said that he wanted to study in West Java, which has quality Human Resources (HR). He also assessed West Java as an advanced province, both in terms of infrastructure development and public services.

    "We want to study with West Java people who have strong human resources, and I, we come to study," he said.

    "On that basis, we wish to establish cooperation with the Regional Government of West Java Province," he continued.

    In the early stages, cooperation was explored in the fields of Fisheries and Agriculture. Then, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Head of the Fisheries and Marine Service Office of West Java Province and the Head of the Fisheries and Marine Service of North Maluku Province regarding andon fishing.

    Overall, the North Maluku Provincial Government involved at least 22 DPOs (Regional Device Organizations) in cooperation with the West Java Provincial Government. "To other OPDs to immediately follow up with the West Java Provincial OPD in a detailed discussion of the contents of the agreement," said Abdul Ghani Kasuba.

    Meanwhile, Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - said he was happy with the inter-provincial cooperation. With open arms, said Emil, West Java wants to learn from each other and collaborate to improve community development and welfare.

    "We are happy, with open arms, to learn from each other about our brothers in North Maluku," he said while giving a speech. "With this MoU, I believe that starting from the leadership gives a commitment, after being followed up with enthusiasm and the end is for the welfare of the community," he continued.

    Emil added, people's welfare begins with an economic relationship. This needs to be supported by investment and guarantees of social and political conduciveness.

    "Prosperity comes from an economic relationship, gasoline investment. Investment comes if there is sufficient information. Investment if there is political social security and conducivity is good, "he said.

    The scope of cooperation includes the fields of Engagement and Marine Affairs, Social Affairs, Women's Empowerment of Child and Family Planning Protection, Investment and One-Stop Integrated Services, Labor and Transmigration, Plantation, Forestry, Agriculture, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Tourism, Environment , Transportation, Energy and Mineral Resources.

    Then, the fields of Industry and Trade, Apparatus Resource Development, Public Service Development, Regional Revenue Development, Information Technology Development, Research on Development and Innovation, Population and Civil Registry, Procurement of Goods and Services, Inspectorates, Libraries and Archives, and other fields in accordance with needs and agreement.

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