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    West Java Deputy Governor's Expectation to DHD BPK 45: Planting the Value of Nationalism into the Young Generation


    BANDUNG CITY- A number of national figures from West Java were included in the Management of the Regional Daily Board of the 45th Civil Defense Board (DHD BPK 45) of West Java Province 2019-2024, which was officially sworn on Monday (07/08/2019) in Gedung Sate, Kota Bandung.

    Popong Otje Djunjunan, Solihin GP, Uu Rukmana, Tjetje Padmadinata, Acil Bimbo, and Didi Turmudzi, are national figures who are administrators of the 45th BPK DHD, which is currently chaired by former Indonesian Minister of Defense and Security, Lt. Gen. Yayat Sudrajat.

    The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, who was present at the inauguration hoped that the presence of the BPK 45 DHD administrators, who were filled with famous people and contributed to the country while having experience, could become a unifying medium for the people, especially in West Java.

    "Because what is needed by the people today, people who are able to calm the atmosphere, embrace all groups, so that by becoming an adhesive there is unity and leads to strength," he said.

    In addition, the BPK 45 DHD is expected to spread the values of nationalism, especially to the younger generation. Uu worried that the values of young generation nationalism slowly disappeared along with the development of a dynamic era.

    "I feel that young people today have high selfishness, high individualism because their nationalism has dropped. We are worried that at the turn of the generation, when this young man will become a leader, we are worried that the situation is like this," he said.

    Uu's concerns continued to shrink due to the presence of 45 BPK DHD in the community. He is optimistic that BPK 45's DHD can instill nationalism values with the younger generation. He also invited the BPK 45 DHD to collaborate in order to realize West Java Inner Champion.

    "We 'reugreg' have them, let's work together to build West Java," he said.

    TNI Letjend (Ret.) Yayat Sudrajat stated that he was ready to provide the best for West Java. "Don't doubt, I'm a West Javanese person, I definitely want to do the best for West Java," he said.

    Yayat was elected in the Musda DHD BPK 45 on May 4 by acclamation and will lead the organization for five years. He also guaranteed that he would work as well as possible to realize the mission of the BPK 45 DHD, which was committed to civilizing and inheriting the financial values ??of the people.

    "Thank you for this trust, hopefully I will be able and trustworthy," he said.

    Yayat himself is a West Javanese figure of Cirebon and Batujajar descent. He has served for 22 years at Kopasus. He was also assigned as the TNI Defense Attache in Beijing. His last position was as Secretary of the Coordinating Minister for Law and Human Rights.

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