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    Eagle Kamojang Rehabilitation Center, The Only Eagle Rehabilitation Center in Indonesia


    GARUT CITY- Eagle Kamojang rehabilitation center is called the first and only Eagle bird rehabilitation center in Indonesia. The Elang rehabilitation center with an area of approximately 11 ha is located in the Darajat mountainous area near the Kamojang geothermal power plant, Garut Regency. Zaini Rachman, manager of the Elang rehabilitation center said that the rehabilitation center had been built since 2014.

    "Began the initiation in 2013, and in 2014 the collaboration of three parties, namely the BKSDA Ministry of Environment, Pertamina and NGOs or the Raptor Indonesia community," said Zaini who was met on location on Sunday (07/08/2019)

    According to Zaini, the rehabilitation center was established on the grounds of preventing the extinction of eagles from various types and various regions in Indonesia. The rehabilitation center has three main functions.

    "The first to do recque, then rehabilitation, then there is the education function for the community" he explained.

    Dozens of Elang who are in the rehabilitation center are currently from various regions throughout Indonesia which came first with various conditions.

    "There are those who are caught from the community, there are people who initially maintain and then voluntarily submit, etc. The conditions obtained are also varied. Some are broken wings, broken legs and sick due to various reasons," said Zaini.

    To operate a rehabilitation center, Zaini said there were 1 veterinarian and dozens of volunteers who were on standby every day at the location. While the existing facilities include, dozens of cages for maintenance, one clinic building unit complete with medical equipment, education area, and release area (Pun)

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