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    Deputy Governor of West Java Released Candidate for Hajj Class 1 from Bogor


    CITY OF BEKASI - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum released 404 pilgrims of prospective pilgrims from Bogor Regency in Jakarta-Bekasi Hajj Embarkation, Jalan Kemakmuran No 72, Bekasi City, Sunday (7/7/19) early morning.

    Of the 404 worshipers, the youngest congregation was 18 years old and the oldest was 100 years old. The release of the pilgrims who will fly at Soekarno Hatta Airport was marked by the surrender of the Indonesian flag by the Deputy Governor of Uu to the head of the Hajj coach team.

    During the 1440 H / 2019 Hajj pilgrimage, West Java received a quota of 39,600 worshipers divided into 97 flight groups. Of these, Bogor Regency received the largest quota followed by Cirebon Regency.

    In his direction the Deputy Governor of Uu advised, the pilgrims who perform the pilgrimage must have the intention of sincerely wanting to get pleasure from Allah SWT.

    "Congratulations because not everyone leaves Hajj. Intend sincerely, depart because they want to get blessings from Allah, that's the goal," he said.

    Uu also requested that the congregation in addition to maintaining health, also must maintain the good name of West Java in the Holy Land in order to have a positive image in the eyes of the world.

    "Don't forget to pray for the people of West Java to be in the safety of the world and the hereafter," Uu said. The plan, Uu will accompany the pilgrims of West Java pilgrims when staying at Arafat.

    "I hope all congregations from West Java return to the country safely and become mabrur pilgrims," ??he hoped.

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