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    Deputy Governor of West Java Supports National Orphanage Day


    BANDUNG CITY- The national orphanage day discourse attracted a lot of attention. No exception the Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum who has his own views.

    Met after opening the Orphanage Mini Olympics (Olimpiatim) at the Gedung Sate yard on Sunday (7/7/19) morning, the number two person in West Java admitted that he strongly agreed with the national orphanage. Uu supports the central government immediately to realize it as a form of attention and respect for the country for orphans.

    "I agree, mother's day is there, children's day is there, family day is there, for that we encourage the central government to have national orphanage days as a form of attention and respect for them," Uu said.

    According to him, paying attention to orphans is an obligation that has been taught by the Prophet Muhammad. Anyone who makes orphans happy will get a big reward.

    "The reward of the orphans is very big. They are respectable people because the Apostle taught to respect orphans," he said.

    The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java continues to increase its attention to orphans. Such as financial assistance for education and health.

    "We ask the orphans to continue learning, our budget can be prepared, do not worry, which is clear we will continue to pay attention to especially education and health," Uu said.

    On that occasion, Uu appreciated Olimpiatim, who according to him was the first time in Indonesia. The hope is that similar activities will be held in each regency / city in West Java. In fact, it is possible for the Provincial Government to hold an Olimpiatim at the provincial level.

    "Our hope is that this Olimpiatim will be held not only in the city of Bandung, but also in other regions because there are many orphans and we are ready to help. It is possible that the West Java level will be implemented.

    Olimpiatim was attended by 265 children and orphaned youth who were representatives of several foundations. Happy laughter emanates from the look on their faces when competing in a number of sports with various attractive prizes. (*)

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