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    French National Company Interested in Investing in West Java


    PARIS - West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) has received attention and commitment from several investors, such as SAS POMA, SNCF Mobilities, and Franqaise de Development Agency, which are multinational and international companies in the transportation sector, in the Indonesia Infrastructure Investment Forum (IIIF) 2019 at the MEDEF Auditorium in Paris, France, Thursday (07/04/2019).

    The commitment was obtained at a special meeting session or one on one meeting between the West Java Provincial Government delegation, led by Iwa Karniwa Regional Secretary, and investor representatives. Also accompanying Bank Indonesia Representative of West Java. Later, investors will be invited to West Java Investment Forum (WJIF) 2019 in October in the city of Bandung.

    Head of BI West Java Representative Doni Joewono appreciates IIIF 2019 and West Java Provincial Government performance. According to him, the West Java Provincial Government prepared material for IIIF 2019 very well. He was also optimistic that many investors would invest in West Java.

    "God willing, some investors and clients such as POMA, SNCF seem interested in West Java projects because the IRR is quite good, yes, estimates," he said when met with IIIF 2019.

    Doni also hopes that the presence of investors in WJIF will run optimally and produce commitments that can be implemented. Indeed, the results of IIIF 2019 will be followed up by the West Java Provincial Government in WJIF.

    MEDEF representatives, organizers of IIIF 2019 in Paris, Michelle, said that they would come to West Java while completing all administrative requirements. That was because his party was interested in development programs in West Java.

    "MEDEF's commitment to West Java, that MEDEF is planning the arrival of its delegation at the beginning of next year, 2020. When all administrative requirements are met, and certainly discuss your province (West Java), the magnitude of West Java and the development projects that are owned is amazing," he said.

    Also present were the Indonesian Ambassador to France, the Indonesian Minister of National Development Planning Bambang Brojonegoro, the Representative of Bank Indonesia, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Transportation, in IIIF 2019 in Paris, France.

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