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    West Java Governor Encourages Squash to Become XX / 2020 PON Sports


    BANDUNG CITY - Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil encourages squash to become a sport in the National Sports Week (PON) XX of 2020 in Papua. He said, his party was working on squash because it had been competed in the multievent Asian Games and Sea Games.

    "Hopefully, in XX PON 2020 in Papua, squash sports can be contested," he said while attending the 2019 West Java Squash Open Cup Award at the Lapang Squash Siliwangi Center (SSC), Bandung, Saturday (07/07/2019 )

    Squash itself has been contested in XIX / 2016 PON in West Java. Based on actual information, squash still has a chance to compete in XX PON in Papua. However, the Decree (SK) has not yet come out.

    Chairman of the West Java Indonesian Squash Association (PSI), Daud Achmad, said his party was ready to help, even in technical matters, if the host of XX PON namely Papua Province was not ready to hold a squash match.

    David also admitted that he did not understand in detail the reasons for the squash being threatened not to be competed. He had heard that there was no Pengda PSI in Papua.

    "If the facility is not possible to be held in Papua, West Java Insyaallah is very ready," he said. "What is clear is that West Java wants squash to be competed in PON XX in 2020," he continued.

    If squash is not contested in XX PON, David hopes that the squast selection and coaching process will continue. According to him, besides West Java, DKI Jakarta, East Kalimantan, Central Java, and East Java, it has stated its readiness. If squash fails to be competed, he said, the national squash replacement championship needs to be held.

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