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    Real Sector, Business Benefits of Cooperatives


    BANDUNG CITY- Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum considers that the real sector can be one of the business fields that benefit cooperatives compared to savings and loans. Besides being able to bring in big profits, the risk of losing the business is also minimal.

    It was said by the Deputy Governor of Uu when attending the closing of Education and Training (Diklat) of the Cooperative Members of the Dekopinda Results of Class III and IV Selection at Bumi Kitri Pramuka Hotel, Cikutra, Bandung, Friday (5/7/19). The training was held as a result of the collaboration between the West Java Dekopinwil, SBM ITB, and the West Java Provincial Government.

    "So, based on our experience of moving in the field of cooperatives, the most profitable and also not gambling, namely to the real sector," said Deputy Governor.

    "So that money can be quickly returned and also fortunately bigger. If now lending (the savings and loan cooperative business) is for profit margins regulated by BI (Bank Indonesia), but for the real sector it is up to, even bigger, "he continued.

    For this reason, the Deputy Governor encouraged cooperatives in West Java to switch their business to the real sector. This can be done through cooperation with institutions or business entities engaged in the business of goods or services.

    "Because I used to move in the field of cooperatives, then moving to a financial institution was a bit troublesome," he admitted.

    That way, the Deputy Governor hopes that cooperatives can become a driving force to improve community welfare and expand employment. The Deputy Governor also appreciated the Diklat activities, especially the participants who attended were young people.

    "I feel happy because today (in Diklat) is present a lot of millennials. Because there is an impression that he said the cooperative is for people who are no longer excited. It's actually wrong, it's precisely those who are more experienced, "said the Deputy Governor.

    "Now there is collaboration between the young and the old, God willing, cooperatives in West Java will be even better, cooperatives in West Java can win," he said.

    Meanwhile, the West Java Public Relations Coverage Team met after the closing of Diklat, Chair of the West Java Regional Indonesian Cooperative Council (Dekopinwil) Mustofa Djamaluddin said, that the real sector is a field that has been cultivated by most cooperatives in West Java.

    "What the Vice Governor hopes is what is being done by Dekopinwil," Mustofa said.

    "Most of the cooperative members are in the real sector. There is in the IKM (Small and Medium Industries), UKM (Small and Medium Enterprises) itself, it will be a structured combination and can develop optimally, "he explained.

    The West Java Dekopinwil is currently developing collaboration and innovation to develop a cooperative business system that is more structured based on information technology (IT). Through this effort, it is hoped that it can expand the business network between business actors, especially business actors in cooperatives.

    "We will try to develop a business network between the business actors well, so that this cooperative spirit can grow optimally and be able to contribute to the improvement of the empowerment capacity of the existing potentials," Mustofa explained.

    In collaboration with the School of Business and Management of the Bandung Institute of Technology (SBM-ITB), the Dekopinda Member Cooperative Training Results of Class III and IV Selection took place from 1-5 July 2019. The theme was "Inter-Cooperative Collaboration Innovation through the KUKM Digital Platform Business Platform".

    There were 270 participants participating in this training. They are selected from 2,700 cooperatives throughout West Java. Mustofa said, of the 2,700 cooperatives, for the initial stage 40 cooperatives would be given IT-based cooperative development.

    "We are collaborating with related parties, which we are starting to develop so that this IT can be gradually carried out or developed in each cooperative. For example, service, being a member to control savings is enough through HP, there is an application and we are doing it, "he concluded. (*)

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