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    West Java People Can Report Extortion Through Siberli Application


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) launches a digital application for a Extortion Clean Sweep or Siberli Collection Information System. With Siberli, the people of West Java can report illegal levies online.

    "Today we are releasing an innovation so that development in West Java can be maintained and supervised through digital reporting interactions called Siberli," West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said on the Gedung Sate page on Friday (07/07/2019).

    To report on extortion events, the community just has to access the Siberli application via www.siberli.jabarprov.go.id. Later, the report was first verified by Saber Pungli Jabar. For 20 days, the reporter whose identity is withheld can check the status of the extortion event that was investigated by Saber Pungli Jabar.

    "The system will report the status that is being investigated until later the final results are reported whether it is proven that there is an extortion or not, so that citizens can monitor a maximum of 20 days," said Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar statement - who is also responsible for Saber Pungli Jabar.

    If proven, Saber Pungli Jabar consisting of West Java Regional Police, West Java High Prosecutor's Office, Ombudsman, and West Java Provincial Government Inspectorate, will decide the level of the problem. Is the discipline administration or contains a criminal element that will be followed up by the police.

    When entering a report, the reporter can attach evidence in the form of photos or sound recordings. The more evidence attached, said Emil, then the extortion investigation will be faster.

    "The identity of the reporter is kept confidential, who knows only the Saber Pungli team and in the system that reads only the complaint code. If you want to report more evidence, then the investigation time can be less than 20 days. The proof can be sound recordings, photos, or anything because the reporting menu can enter files, "he said.

    According to Emil, the Siberli application is planned to be accessed through a device. He also hopes Siberli can suppress extortion actions until they are completely gone. Therefore, he requested that the media continue to preach the actions of Saber Pungli Jabar who continued to innovate.

    "The hope is that with the existence of negative behavioral experts, the servants of the community and the community are reduced. So, I am quoted as saying that there are arrests so people will be defeated. They will know that this team exists, is firmly productive," he said.

    Emil also said that Siberli's presence was in line with one of West Java's missions as a Digital Province. Many digital innovations have been launched to accelerate development in West Java.

    "Digital affairs will be accelerated in all aspects today, part of the West Java blueprint as a digital province, especially in the field of public services against extortion," he said.

    Chairperson of West Java Saber Pungli Task Force (Satgas) Pol. Suradiana revealed, since it was founded in 2016, Saber Pungli Jabar had succeeded in prosecuting extortion for 13,455 times. For its performance, Saber Pungli West Java became the Task Force with the title of the first most active ranking in Indonesia.

    "Especially now that we have Siberli. This predicate is an achievement, but what we want is awareness from the authorities and the public not to extortion," he said.

    Suradiana explained that the Saber Pungli Jabar Task Force has 4 working groups, namely the intelligence, prosecution, prevention and justice sectors. The Siberli application is included in the prevention task domain.

    "This application is very necessary, one of which is to support the West Java government program in building an integrity zone towards a corruption-free region," he concluded.

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