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    Digital Method for the 2020 Population Census


    BANDUNG (4/7/2019) - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stated that in 2020 there will be a population census carried out once every 10 years by the Central Statistics Agency or BPS. The population census is simultaneously national. According to Ridwan Kamil different from the population census 10 years ago, the 2020 population census uses 2 complementary methods.

    "The first method is with proakti people who update their household data through a digital system coordinated by their respective RT RW, while the second method is conventional, census officers come directly from house to house for data collection" he said.

    The digital method at the same time reduces the ability or knowledge of West Java residents to facilitate digital technology. Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname also said that with the population census update its importance to the government was in the destruction of budgeting.

    "As in Bekasi, the population is estimated to be a little in fact a lot. In Indramayu it is estimated that there are many people, even though the fact is more or less. Because the population is not only caused by death and birth, but also migration" explained Kang Emil.

    From the right data, according to Kang Emil, the government became convinced of the budget distribution that was right on target.

    "Do not let us continue to channel the budget to one area even though the population is decreasing or there is a shift that was previously unable to become capable. That will not be effective," he explained. (Even)

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