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    LRT Integrated with Fast Train Will End in Kebon Kawung


    BANDUNG (4/7/2019) - Light Rail Transportation or LRT which will be the mode of transportation for the integrated Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train from its station in Tegalluar, will end in Kebon Kawung. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stated this after he met with the Minister of SOEs (BUMN).

    "Yes, the results of the meeting with the Minister that the LRT will eventually end in Kebon Kawung, and Kebon Kawung will also be further developed as a TOD area (transit oriented development)," he said.

    While it is related to the problems in West Bandung Regency, according to Kang Emil, KBB only wants to be passed by Fast Train, the area wants to have a positive impact.

    "Yes, it has also been approved, later on there will be strengthening of roads in areas that have passed fast trains in the West Bandung Regency area," said Kang Emil.

    Kang Emil also mentioned that his proposal to build an LRT station in Al Jabbar Gedebage mosque had been approved by the Minister of SOEs.

    "Thank God, my proposal was approved later in Al Jabbar, there will be an LRT station. So those who are going to Al Jabbar can take the LRT" concluded Kang Emil. (Even)

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