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    Harganas XXVI In 2019 - empowerment of resilience and family welfare in West Java is the theme of JAPRI # 31


    BANDUNG - Chair of the The West Java Province PKK Atalia Kamil was the main speaker in the West Java Got Information (JAPRI) activity held at the Gedung Sate Museum Lobby, Thursday (4/7). Besides Ibu Cinta, there were also speakers from the Health Office and DP3AKB.

    In his presentation, Atalia emphasized that in fostering a household it must be planned from pre-marriage to having children. This right is needed so that the quality of the family is good as well as the future and health of their children

    "The main thing is love family love is planned, so that people pay attention to their quality of life," he said.

    At present, according to Atalia currently women have children of 2.4 or have children of two to three. According to him, that number is better than in previous years. Although he still encouraged one family to have only two children.

    "Planning to get married is not too young and too old, the children are also not too close, all must be well planned," he said.

    He also reminded the 1821 movement of turning off the gadget at 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. to then chat with family members.

    "Going back to eating shirts, talking, turn off the cellphones, turn off the TV. Don't let the kids continue to be exposed to gadgets," he said. Jo

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