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    PDIP Faction of West Java Parliament Record 7 Issues In LKPJ


    BANDUNG-PDIP Faction of West Java Parliament along with a discussion of the Governor’s accountability report (LKPJ) in 2015 recorded 7 issues in LKPJ.

    It thus revealed by the Secretary of the PDI-P faction of West Java Parliament, Yunandar Eka Prawira in a press conference held on Monday (4/4/16).

    Yunandar further exposing the problems of LKPJ of the West Java Governor in 2015 which become the concern of PDIP, there are the constraint in grant assistance program with a significant amount, with the conditions of this administration. West Java asked to create a program for the establishment of legal entities prospective grantees.

    Secondly, the preparation of PON 2016 requested accelerated and monitored intensively. Thirdly, the handling of natural disasters is sluggish and did not complete the requested solved.

    Fourth, the new entrepreneurship program asked to be evaluated, revised and improved.

    For potential new entrepreneurs asked to be given mentoring, marketing, financing, internships, partnerships with big business and the improvement of managerial capacity is adequate. Fifthly, the SILPA in 2015 which reached Rp 3, 49 trillion, requested overall allocated for the construction of infrastructure facilities located in West Java.

    Sixthly, to enterprises especially non-banking should be rigorously managed better again so that it can provide input to the budget through dividends. Seventh, the handling of the impact of Jatigede reservoir sluggish and has not been able to complete the emerging issue in West Java.

    Related to these conditions, the West Java provincial government asked serious in dealing with affected communities in Jatigede through allocation of physical development programs and non-physical with greater funding.

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