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    Ridwan Kamil: Quality Auction, Not the Cheapest


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil warned that the procurement of goods and services in the construction sector must prioritize quality, not prioritizing low prices.

    This is so that the quality of development increases and the government no longer needs to spend a budget for repairs in the future.

    "The important culture wins first, how should the quality be changed, which is the one who wins scientifically and proven to be the most correct quality even though his rank is not the cheapest," Ridwan Kamil said after opening the Corruption Prevention Meeting in Government Goods / Services Procurement Meeting in Papandayan Hotel, Bandung City, Thursday (4/7/19).

    The Governor, who was familiarly called Emil, gave an example, there were several government-owned buildings that had only been used for a year which had been damaged in a number of parts.

    "There is only a government-owned building that has to be budgeted for a year to repair leaky roofs, damaged toilets and other damage. If the cheapest regime wins, it will continue to make the quality of our development worse and still have to spend on repairs," he said .

    In addition, another cause of the quality of development is bad, with many goods and services being procured directly without an auction process. Instead of speeding up the development of reality to avoid any auction.

    "I exemplify that in one of the project districts the auction value is only IDR 80 billion while the direct project without auction is IDR 200 million but often and the value becomes IDR 400 billion. It should be reversed, firstly the large scale is auctioned, only the rest is due to the need and speed of procurement without auction, "he explained.

    For this reason Emil will propose to the Ministry of Home Affairs to limit the value carried out through direct procurement without auction.

    "If possible, there are rules from the Ministry of Home Affairs that limit the value of direct procurement. This is urgent if I may request because it occurs throughout Indonesia. That is why the quality of the infrastructure is lacking," he said.

    In his leadership in West Java, Emil wanted all the quality development that came from a workmanship and the purchase of goods / services from a good process. West Java Pemdaprov continues to innovate, update technology and regulations to ensure the quality of development and there is no gap for the mode of corruption.

    "We have received support from LKPP and KPK to ensure that the development process in West Java is truly quality," he said.

    One of the West Java Provincial Government's innovations in the procurement of goods and services is the establishment of the Bureau of Procurement of goods / services. This makes it one door because it is no longer scattered in each service that is difficult to monitor.

    "Second, we have expanded our e-catalog so that the process has been guaranteed by LKPP which makes the process more effective and avoids corruption," Emil said.

    "God willing, West Java in the process of procurement of goods / services will ensure the quality of development is far better and transparent," he continued.

    Ronny Dwi Susanto, Head of the Government's Goods / Services Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP), revealed that since the KPK was established, the highest level of corruption in the procurement of goods and services was 20 percent. The first highest is bribe. According to him, bribery practices also occur in the process of procurement of goods and services.

    "In fact, this bribe was about PBJ (procurement of goods and services) because the PBJ process was not only after the DPA SKPD was set but from the process of identifying the goods until later the results were handed over. But we have already evaluated this PBJ and now it is better," Ronny said.

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