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    Overseas Investors Glanced West Java's Economic Potential


    London - Indonesia Infrastructure Investment Forum (IIIF) 2019 in London is a forum for the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) to explain West Java's economic growth while opening opportunities for investment from abroad.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa who is also the head of the group stated that many prospective investors glanced at the West Java economy because it has great potential, both in the field of transportation and non-transportation.

    "Some potential investors, namely Cross Rail International, they are one of those who can bring in or coordinate potential investors and some mass transportation in London. And some countries (monorail) are the result of them, they are interested in collaborating (with the West Java Provincial Government), "he said.

    "The second is from One Work which is experienced in handling development integration. So far, the integration is enough to give a picture. "This is also a discussion that is quite detailed and also provides input to development in West Java," he continued.

    In addition to Cross Rail International and One Work, Spanish investors based in London, Basque Trade, have also expressed interest in investing in West Java, especially in Aerocity and Monorail.

    The interest of the three investors is not without reason. In the first quarter of 2019, for example, West Java's economic growth reached 5.5 percent. The percentage is above the National Economic Growth (PE) average, which is 5.18 percent.

    Infrastructure in West Java too, with the existence of 5 airports and 9 ports, supports the investment wheel to keep on spinning. It is not surprising that West Java contributed the highest national export contribution with realized investment of 16.2 percent and the contribution of the manufacturing sector 24.4 percent.

    The government and business entity (PPP) cooperation scheme that allows private parties to collaborate directly with the Regional Government in working on a project increasingly attracts potential investors to invest in West Java.

    "The description of Indonesia, especially West Java, has an extraordinary economic development. When I spoke with several investors, they only found out that Indonesia in general and also West Java described an extraordinary economic phenomenon, "said Iwa.

    "The first message to existing investors is about progress which is a potential investment market. I have submitted the data and they are amazed, so we get attention from investors to do further cooperation, "he continued.

    Bank Indonesia West Java Representative Doni Joewono said, in addition to good economic conditions, the facilities provided by the West Java Provincial Government to investors made the appeal of West Java even greater.

    "Easiness, permits are also easy. Earlier we also saw a team led by the Secretary of Regional Office who presented clean and clear projects, so that it seemed to investors who were present, there were many possible projects that could be applied in Indonesia, especially West Java, "he said.

    With the Online Single Service system, the West Java Provincial Government also provides import tariff relief. Not to mention the tax holiday scheme that provides a reduction in income tax. That way, one by one investors begin to look at the economy of West Java.

    "So this is (an example) one of real work. It is hoped that it will run well and hope that investors will come. Not only does consumption grow, but also investment comes, "said Doni.

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