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    Deputy Governor of West Java Forms Santri Association Forum


    INDRAMAYU REGENCY- West Java Deputy Governor who is also West Java Santri Commander, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, formed a forum of the Santri (Iksan) Association during a working visit at Hidayatut Tholibin Islamic Boarding School (Pondok Pesantren), Indramayu Regency, Tuesday (07/02/2019).

    "Iksan was formed, because organizations are absolutely necessary to build strength," Uu said.

    Uu hopes that with Iksan, the santri can develop their strengths and become competitive students. According to him, the students were not only required to master religious knowledge, but also had to be involved in various sectors of life, such as business and education.

    In addition, Uu also said that Iksan's goal was formed so that the santri could contribute to the life of the people. Because, he continued, the santri who held fast to religion would be present in various sectors giving partiality to the lives of the people.

    Uu also stated that Iksan could be one of the major santri organizations. One of them is by forming Iksan at the Regency / City level.

    "Chairman Iksan (Juhadi Muhammad) here communicates with other Islamic Boarding Schools. Later we gather at a big event, arranging strengths that are in line with West Java's Inner Birth Champion mission," he concluded.

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