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    Towards the Digital Population Census in 2020


    BANDUNG CITY- Through the digital method, the population census in 2020 will be carried out independently by residents. Census methods aimed at the accuracy of this data will be carried out simultaneously throughout Indonesia.

    Met after meeting with the West Java Central Bureau of Statistics in Bandung Pakuan Building, Wednesday (03/07/19), West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil welcomed the move. According to him, in addition to showing how high the level of digital literacy of Indonesians is, the accuracy of the data also affects budget management, so that it is right on target.

    "Later in 2020, (census) will be carried out simultaneously nationally by BPS. The method is for residents to update the data themselves. Later with digital excellence, verification will be carried out," he said.

    Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called - also stated that his office often found a number of areas in West Java whose population numbers fluctuated. This is not due to birth and death, but rather due to population migration, such as in Indramayu Regency where population data often falls because of the large number of people migrating to large cities. In contrast, in the City of Bekasi data often exceeds that of population data records.

    "So the Provincial Government must have data that can make this APBD expenditure accurate, do not give continuous grants to people. It turns out he has become a middle group or vice versa, he is worthy of assistance. But there is no data so that the money is not on target. our budget management if the data is inaccurate, "Emil said.

    The independent census will be strengthened by the issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 39 of 2019 concerning one data. All central and regional agencies are required to be compact in equalizing population data.

    Emil said, the main database of permanent residence was by Disdukcapil. The plan, in the near future it will coordinate with Disdukcapil throughout West Java and other data supply agencies to determine the exact condition of the population in each region.

    "However, it is only information that West Java has more than 620 thousand women compared to women," he said.

    Head of West Java BPS Dody Herlando said, even though the census was carried out independently through digital, but at the initial stage the conventional census was still being carried out.

    "Yes, the rest of the conventional census goes to the field," he said.

    Dody said, the population census is a cycle, but in this digital era data preparation must be better.

    "Disdukcapil's initial database is de jure, while BPS will pay attention to the de facto. Where do people live this year. These are two data treasures that will complement each other for the benefit of development policies," he said.

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