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    The First Day of IIIF 2019 London, West Java Provincial Government Ngabret to Gain Investors


    LONDON - The West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov Jabar) opens opportunities for investment from abroad at the Indonesia Infrastructure Investment Forum (IIIF) 2019, in London, Tuesday (2/7/19) local time.

    One on one meeting is the way the West Java Provincial Government attracts investors. Previously a project consultation was conducted with several speakers including from the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation, National Development Planning Agency, Indonesian Ministry of Finance, Indonesian Infrastructure Guarantee Corporation and Bank Mandiri.

    West Java Provincial Secretary (Secretary of West Java) Iwa Karniwa as head of the group led directly in group A in the field of transportation investment accompanied by West Java Kadishub, Hery Antasari, Head of Bank Indonesia West Java Provincial Representative Office Doni P Joewono. While the non-transportation sector in group B was led directly by Dadang Masoem, Head of the West Java Integrated One Stop Service and Investment Service

    In his presentation, Iwa offered cooperation in developing the Tambourine Triangle; LRT / Monorail Bandung Raya; and Aerocity BIJB Kertajati. "We also offer easy investment and intermodal relations that are being prepared," he said after the exposure on the same day.

    Iwa said, in the field of transportation it was related to the potential of the Tambourine Triangle which is the center of new developments in the future, with very high economic potential. "The potential to encourage economic growth in a certain time can be up to 10%, this is extraordinary, which needs to be pushed continuously with the area reaching 54 thousand hectares. This potential to be developed along with employment absorption reduces unemployment and reduces poverty, "he explained.

    The next thing that was presented at the one on one meeting was an integrated transportation development plan in Bandung Raya covering the City of Bandung, Cimahi City, Kab. Bandung, Kab. West Bandung, Sumedang and part of Garut. "The pattern of future development is a pattern of sustainable and structured development," he said.

    According to Iwa, there are several potential investors who have expressed interest. "Some potential investors such as Crossrail International, they are one who can bring in or coordinate potential investors, and some mass transportation in London and several countries (specifically the monorail) is the result of them, they are interested in cooperating," he said.

    Head of Bank Indonesia West Java Province Representative Office, Doni P Joewono, said IIIF 2019 is a very good opportunity for foreign investors to get to know the potentials of West Java. "We are very proud that West Java has West Java Incorporated, so indeed Bank Indonesia strongly encourages West Java, because West Java is supported by the manufacturing industry, therefore we fully support this so that West Java can get investment from abroad," he said in same place.

    "With the economic conditions in West Java that are very well described, finally they (foreign) are open to investments that might be placed in Indonesia. Coupled with conveniences, permits are also easy, projects are clean and clear, "he said.

    Doni said that the interest of potential investors such as Crossrail, Basquet Trade, and One Work during one on one meeting will be followed up with a visit to Indonesia later at the West Java Investment Forum 2019 in Bandung. "So this (example) is currently one of the real work, expected to be able to run well and hope investors come. "We hope that not only consumption will grow but also investment will come," he said.

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