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    Governor Reviews The Implementation of National Examination


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java accompanied by Head of West Java Education Department Asep Hilman reviewed the implementation of the National Examination in SMAKN 2 and SMAN 20 Bandung, Monday (4/4). The first school reviewed by the Governor and his entourage was SMKN 2 Bandung, and then continued to SMAN 20 by walking approximately 100 meters towards SMAN 20 Bandung. Then continued to review at SMA 14, Bandung.

    In the reviews, the governor saw the computer-based implementation of the UN in SMAN 20 Bandung. To the students who were doing the examination, the governor gave them a spirit.

    In a review of each class, the governor did only short briefly so as not to disturb the students who are focusing answer the questions.

    The governor explained to the media, that the UN today that includes SMA/SMK, Madrasah Aliyah and Package C with total number of students who participate as many as 538 404 students. The amount is divided into a Computer Based Exams (UNBK) and the National Examination Paper Based Stencil (UNBKS). "UN implementation in West Java itself is considered good, without serious problems,” said the Governor.

    Schools have implemented computer-based UN in West Java as many as 113,166 or 403 school students. This amount increase of 500% from the previous year which amounted to 102 schools.

    The governor hoped that in the future will be more schools are using computers in the national examination. "Using computers to the UN is more secure and cheap," said the governor.

    Regarding the procurement of computers for schools, the governor explained that later it could use the proceeds from the BOS fund through Universal Secondary Education (PMU) of the Governor through the regional budget. "It's just that the allocation of the PMU was no legal basis or the instructions of the minister". There will be provision of the minister, the Governor suggested that the computer purchases by each school could include the production of vocational students in West Java.

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