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    Emil: Civil Servants Income Improvement Allowance Will Be Increased


    BANDUNG - Income Improvement Allowance or Civil Servants TPP in the West Java Provincial Government will be increased. Without mentioning the time and magnitude of the increase, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that the TPP increase was obtained from the savings of several budget posts. This was revealed by Kang Emil, at the inauguration of 230 echelon 3 officials of the West Java Provincial Government in Gedung Sate on Monday (1/7/2019).

    "If we save here and there it turns out we can and are able to provide more welfare to the Civil Servants," he said.

    But Ridwan Kamil warned the Civil Servants to improve their performance. Because the increase in TPP will be given according to the performance of the relevant Civil Servants.

    "So those who are diligent, work is considered good, so they will get a thick envelope. But the mediocre envelope is thin," he said.

    The performance assessment will be carried out with the system, so that it is more objective and fair.

    "So the Civil Servants before going home must fill in the data on their work on the computer every day, and there must be proof. If the verification is different from the one that is filled, the computer will automatically reject. From there the performance of the ASN will be measured" Kang Emil said.

    The various systems applied to improve the performance of the Civil Servants are likened to rearranging the functions and power of the vehicle's engine. If it is arranged according to Ridwan Kamil, the car will stay optimally gassed.

    "I am targeting the system, position rotation, etc. that is targeted to be completed by the end of 2019, so once starting in 2020 we can immediately step on the gas and take it away. Because the West Java-branded vehicles can actually be driven faster now," added Ridwan Kamil. (Even)

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