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    Religious Draft of Regulation Encourages West Java Youth to Be Honorable


    BANDUNG - Special Committee (Pansus) of the West Java Parliament (DPRD) encourages young people to be noble in discussing the draft religious education law. Because, lately religious issues are very vulnerable to being used by some groups and individuals as a media dispute.

    Chairman of the Special Committee II of West Java DPRD Anwar Yasin said, the discussion on the draft religious education regulation this time was that a comprehensive draft regulation could be formed, so that it could make students in West Java a noble generation.

    "The generation of adolescents is a very vulnerable start, especially social media that tend to be negatively affected is now very easy to access. With the existence of the draft regulation, it can create a generation that has a noble character, "Anwar said to reporters at the West Java DPRD Building.

    He added, the draft regulation on religious education could also make it a media to prevent degradation of morality because the phenomenon of today with the advancement of information technology has many negative sides that could damage the morality of the nation's generation.

    "This is a shared responsibility, we support it through the draft regulation that we are discussing," he said.

    Anwar hopes that with the raperda it can form or at least attract interested people to enter Islamic boarding schools or religious-based schools.

    "This regulation is expected to improve the quality of students who are religiously based in West Java. Jo

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