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    Deputy Governor of West Java: Wisdom of Village Chief is the Key to Village Development


    CIMAHI CITY- Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum officially opened the Village Governance Education and Training Force Generation IV, V and VI in 2019 for West Java Village Heads in the BPSDM Office Hall of West Java Province, Cimahi City, Monday (1/7 / 2019).

    According to Uu, the activity was a form of responsibility of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) on village development. Because, he said, the form of West Java Provincial Government's attention was not always in the form of financial assistance, but also provided knowledge.

    "The village heads are present here in the framework of the progress of the nation and state," he said.

    Uu also explained the Champion Village which was initiated by the West Java Provincial Government. Desa Juara itself is a competitive village. That is, the village has empowered Human Resources (HR), and knows the potential of nature and culture. Most importantly, he said, the village could be a comfortable place for its citizens.

    In order to realize the champion village, the Village Head must carry out three mandatory roles. The first is to maintain conducivity. Then, the Village Head must be involved in development. Finally, the Village Head must be able to improve the welfare of its citizens with innovation.

    "Champion Village, the village head is able to build, maintain conducivity, be able to guarantee the welfare of its citizens with innovation," he said.

    In addition, Uu also stated that policy is the key to the success of the Village Head. Wisdom is very necessary when making decisions. All things, he said, must be decided from various perspectives and with the right theory.

    Therefore, education and training is one way to equip Village Heads throughout West Java that they are not only an official, but also a leader. Because the Village Head must be a role model for its citizens.

    "Pay attention to norms and normatives, leave your personal ego, the vision of your personal mission later, the vision and mission for the community are put forward, because we are the government," he said.

    Head of West Java's Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM), Muhammad Solihin, explained that the Diklat activities carried out were aimed at improving the capacity and professionalism of the Village Head in carrying out development in his area.

    Some of the material that became the provision for village heads included responsibility, technological advancement, leadership, and the ability to make innovations to improve the welfare of rural communities.

    The training was attended by dozens of village heads from seven regencies in West Java, including Kuningan Regency, Cirebon Regency, Garut Regency, Sukabumi Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency, Beksi Regency, and Subang Regency. Diklat lasts for 7 days, starting from June 30, 2019.

    "Diklat uses the method of discussion and lectures from competent speakers," he said.

    After that, Solihin said that the Village Heads would face benchmarking as the application of "best practice" related to village development. This is important as a benchmark for the extent to which Village Governance material can be applied by the Village Heads.

    After following Diklat in full. The Village Heads will get a certificate from the West Java Provincial Government as a sign that they have developed themselves.

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