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    Governor of West Java: The Key to Happy Families is Togetherness


    BANDUNG - The Central Government and the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java understand very well that the family is the most important institution in building the nation. Because, family is the first and foremost environment in shaping the personality of the nation's children and the life of the state.

    This was stated by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil as the 26th Supervisor of the 26th Anniversary of the National Family Day of West Java Province in the Gedung Sate yard, Bandung, Monday (1/7/2019).

    "The family has 8 functions, namely the function of religion, the function of love, the function of protection, the function of the economy, the function of education, the function of reproduction, the function of social culture, and the eighth is the function of the environment," he said.

    "If implemented (the eight family functions), Indonesian children will surely grow who have strong character and commendable personality, especially in situations and conditions that are all transparent nowadays," he continued.

    According to Emil - so Ridwan Kamil was greeted -, family views both in the past were not necessarily accepted by the family of today. This is because changes in the strategic environment occur very rapidly and the presence of the 4.0 industrial revolution.

    In the family order, this situation makes quality gathering time start to be neglected. Then, there is a communication gap between parents and children due to limited time to listen to complaints or problems, especially in teenagers.

    In addition, continued Emil, families are often unresponsive or less concerned about events in the surrounding environment. In the end, the culture of mutual cooperation between citizens, between communities, can be said, almost faded.

    "Today's family challenges are getting bigger in the industrial revolution which makes the quality of family communication sometimes reduced. There are challenges for the younger generation related to the dangers of drugs, early marriage, etc., "Emil said.

    Therefore, Emil stated that the attention of the Central Government and the Provincial Government of West Java was focused on fundamental family strengthening programs. One of the programs launched by the Central Government and the Provincial Government of West Java is 621.

    "We have a national program, program 621 which is hoped that every 6pm to 9pm we will not do any gadget activities. That is, to be used as a momentum to be with family, "he said.

    Emil also stated that the key to a strong, healthy and happy family lies in gathering time and the quality of communication with all family members. If these two things are implemented properly, forming a harmonious and happy family is not a difficult thing.

    "The key is to provide space for each family member to have quality time with fellow family members. Only that. Without it, I want to be as extravagant as anything as rich as if I don't have quality, the time here is not a harmonious family, "he said

    On the same occasion, Emil said that the Population and Family Development Population (KKBPK) program in Indonesia, in terms of quantity and quality, went well.

    "The average woman of childbearing age (TFR) from 6.7 in 1970 became 2.4 in 2018. This is the average number of children per woman of childbearing age 2-3 children. "The quality of contraceptive use is that many like the long-term method," he said.

    "In addition, activities in an effort to increase resilience and family welfare continue to develop in the community. "The success is of course thanks to the strong commitment of stakeholders with the BKKBN working partners," he concluded.

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