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    Governor of West Java: AAF 2019 Proof of Bandung is Symbol of Solidarity


    BANDUNG CITY- Asia Afrika Festival (AAF) 2019 was held in Bandung on 28-30 June 2019. Various activities were held to enliven the weekend in the city of Bandung. On Saturday (29/6), the Carnival took place lively along the Jalan Asia Afrika area.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil hopes AAF 2019 can strengthen the image of Bandung as a symbol of Asian-African solidarity. He also said that the activities that became a unifying place for this nation were better and better organized every year.

    "God willing, making Asia-Africa's relations even stronger," Emil said - so Ridwan Kamil was called -.

    Besides the carnival, the 'historical walk' also becomes an important ceremony with a historical nuance. The delegates from the Asian-African countries walked from the Bandung City Hall, on Jalan Dalem Kaum, to Palestine Walk right in front of the Bandung Square.

    At that point, the delegates released the dove. The activity was carried out as a symbol of the struggle of the Palestinian people, as well as hopes for achieving independence.

    "We have supported Palestine from the Bung Karno era. I myself am currently designing a mosque in Gaza, Palestine, and now the development stage," Emil said.

    Various entertainment events such as music, arts, as well as festivals, were held to pamper the visitors. This excitement is the main attraction for both local and international tourists.

    Bandung Mayor Oded M. Danial invited the public to attend the people's party. The activity was held to commemorate the 64th Asian-African Conference.

    In order to reduce congestion, Oded advised people to come by public transportation. He also advised the road users to be alert to traffic jams around the location of the event. The Traffic Unit of Polrestabes Bandung, he said, had arranged traffic flow engineering.

    "Succeed and invite the family, relatives to watch the annual show," he said.

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