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    Jokowi: The Spirit is All the Same, For the Better Indonesia


    JAKARTA - President Joko Widodo appreciated the statesman attitude shown by Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno in responding to the decision on the disputes over the results of the 2019 General Election. The Head of State said that both had the same vision for the progress of the Indonesian nation.

    This was stated by the President in his statement at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, Jakarta, on Thursday, June 27, 2019, before leaving for the G20 Summit in Japan.

    "I believe in the greatness and statesmanship of my good friends, Mr. Prabowo Subianto and Mr. Sandiaga Uno. He both has the same vision in building Indonesia in the future, a better Indonesia, a more advanced Indonesia, and a more just and prosperous Indonesia, "he said.

    From the release of the State Secretariat, not only that, the Head of State believes that all Indonesian people, whatever their choice in the 2019 Presidential Election yesterday, have the same passion about a progressive Indonesia. The Head of State hopes that this spirit will be maintained so that Indonesia is able to stand alongside the big countries in the world.

    "I am sure that our spirit is the same, that Indonesia is united to build a developed Indonesia, capable of joining with other major countries, building a victorious Indonesia facing intense global competition, and building a superior Indonesia, which brings prosperity to all Indonesians , "he said.

    Therefore, President Joko Widodo is committed to safeguarding the mandate given by the people by working as well as possible in the interests of the nation and state in the second period of his administration. The President ended his statement by promising to protect all Indonesian people without exception.

    "I and Pak Kiai Haji Maruf Amin promised to be the president and vice president of all Indonesian people without exception," he said. (Even)

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