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    Changing in Mindset is Homework for Terracotta Craftsmen


    BANDUNG - The wealth and beauty of nature is one of God's gifts for West Java. To take advantage of the beauty and natural resources that need a change in mindset or a more creative mindset. This was revealed by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil after opening and becoming a guest speaker at the Indonesia Contemporary Ceramic Biennale at the Jatiwangi Art Factory in Majalengka Regency on Thursday (6/27/2019).

    "The Jatiwangi tile craftsmen have had to think of creative ideas to make other forms besides roof tiles from this terracotta," said Kang Emil, the Governor's nickname.

    The change in mindset inevitably has to be done to offset the changing times and market needs.

    "Perhaps it is urgent now that there are few interested people because there are substitutes besides precarious materials, so I, as the governor, often go to Majalengka to motivate them to think about making other items from terracotta such as forms of ventilation and others. and the people here also participate in the spirit, "he said.

    Even the Governor 'challenges' the terracotta creators in Jatiwangi to make new innovation innovations in the next six months. This was done so that the uniqueness of Jatiwangi was not extinct. (Even)

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