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    Opening the Big Bad Wolf 2019, Ridwan Kamil is Hoping for People's Reading Interest to Increase


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil opened the Big Bad Wolf book bazaar which will be held June 28 - July 8, 2019, at Mason Pine Kota Baru Parahyangan, West Bandung Regency, Thursday (06/27/19).

    Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, appreciates the biggest cheap book exhibition in West Java, even national. The visitors who filled each venue venue, according to Emil, were hopeful of increasing interest in reading, as well as interest in buying books for West Java residents.

    Based on a Central Connecticut State University survey of the Most Literate Nations in the World, Indonesia ranked 60th out of a total of 61 countries, just below Thailand and only above Botswana.

    Unesco reported that the percentage of Indonesian reading interest was only 0.01 percent. This means that from every 10,000 Indonesians, only one person likes to read.

    But in this exhibition, the Governor hopes that public reading interest will increase. Emil who was also accompanied by the Deputy Regent of West Bandung Hengky Kurniawan was amazed by the enthusiasm of the community in this exhibition. Visitors start from parents, adults, teenagers, until small children are willing to queue long even though the sun is hot.

    "I am very moved, this is amazing, the lines are very long, indicating that interest in reading is quite high," said the Governor.

    Emil hopes that activities aimed at improving community literacy can be held routinely. Even better it is done several times a year, not only in urban areas but also in rural areas to strengthen the knowledge of the people of West Java, Indonesia in general.

    "We commit not only now, but also not only in the city but also in villages. The aim is to increase interest in reading, strengthen the knowledge of the Indonesian people," he said.

    Governor Emil said that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) had launched various literacy programs, including Kolecer (Smart Literacy Box) in the form of a street library, and Candil (Maca Dina Digital Library), which was supported by device technology.

    Emil hopes that Big Bad Wolf can bring books closer to the people of West Java. Especially with the various price discounts offered at this exhibition.

    Ridwan Kamil invites all West Java residents to love buying and reading books. Because according to him, reading can increase knowledge and knowledge. While less knowledgeable people will easily be exposed to hoaxes, for lack of reference.

    "This is also about how to access books from various parts of the world, which have been expensive so far with cheaper efforts," said the Governor.

    Meanwhile, PT Jaya Retail Indonesia President Director Uli Silalahi as the organizer said, millions of books will be exhibited and sold 24 hours non-stop with discount offers ranging from 60-80 percent for all books. International books that are difficult to find in the country as well as some are available at this grand event.

    Uli hopes that this exhibition can become a forum for disseminating knowledge and technology to encourage increasing public interest in reading.

    According to Uli, one of the causes of the low interest in reading citizens is the limited access to reading books, and the lack of variations in books that make someone interested in reading.

    For this reason, we need a variety of innovations and creativity in producing reading materials. One of them in this exhibition is a "magic book". This book, according to Uli, uses augmented reality (AR) technology so it is more interesting for the readers to elaborate.

    "Augmented reality is a combination of virtual objects with real objects that are interactive in real time. So that readers can interact with the characters in the book to develop imagination," he said.

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