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    Ridwan Kamil Asked PKK to be a Detective of a Dropout School


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil expects cadres of Family Welfare Development (PKK) at the provincial and municipal levels to track and detect children who are at risk of dropping out of school. This is in line with the West Java Provincial Government's plan that will eliminate the entrance fees of high school / provincial vocational high schools.

    "I entrusted to Mrs. Atalia as chairman of the TP PKK West Java. I gave the assignment to be a detective to look for school dropouts. So there should not be dropouts in West Java," said the Governor met after attending the 47th level PKK Movement Day commemoration West Java, at Bale Asri Pusdai Bandung, Wednesday (06/26/19).

    Ridwan Kamil, who is also the coach of TP PKK Jabar, wants the accuracy of the data regarding children who have dropped out of school because of cost constraints. That way the policies and budgets issued are right on target.

    "People drop out of school the reason is there is no cost, we have money but because of the wrong data we cannot help the child. Therefore the PKK must also record so that our budget can be effective by good data or good data good decission," explained Emil, the Governor's nickname.

    Emil further said, currently the budget to eliminate the costs of high school / vocational school is being calculated by West Java Bappeda. When it is finished, he hopes the policy will be approved by the West Java DPRD.

    "We have prepared funds free of education, especially those we manage, namely high school / vocational high school and currently being calculated by Bappeda, hopefully it will be approved by the council starting next year, we will free SMU / SMK costs," he said.

    Aside from being a detective for dropouts, TP PKK was also asked to socialize its innovative programs to the community. According to him, there are still many people who do not know about programs for improving welfare.

    "In this HKG PKK, I also gave a socialization program for free wifi, a Suitcase of Love, a Credit for Mesra, a car for mascara, a car for a health center, and other programs that became a leap in West Java," he pleaded.

    Responding to this, the Chairperson of the West Java Provincial PKK TP, Atalia Paratya Kamil said that his party was ready to support the government's program. Because according to him, as a government partner, the PKK is obliged to be consistent and accompany government program policies.

    "Regarding what the Governor said, the role of the PKK is data collection, counseling and mobilization. With this, of course we (PKK) as government partners cannot walk on their own, meaning we must work together with government programs," Atalia said.

    For this reason, Atalia and her staff will continue to co-exist with the government to encourage government programs to create prosperous families and communities. One of them is not participating in spreading hoaxes, as well as supporting development, especially in the education sector.

    "We have also been reminded of us all about how PKK members are able to become family motivators, and maintain the PKK itself from things that are not good in the field, one of which is not to spread hoaxes," he said.

    "We are also given homework to look for children who do not or drop out of school, of course this is a very good thing. How do we prepare for the future of this nation so that our women, our children, our families, can be resilient," he said.

    On this occasion a joint commitment was signed regarding the improvement of PKK performance in line with government programs. The signing was carried out by the Governor and the heads of the TP PKK throughout West Java.

    In addition, as a series of the 47th HKG PKK commemoration activities, PKK cadre competitions have been carried out followed by 27 West Java city districts, with winners:
    1. City level champion, i.e.
    First Winner in Depok City
    Second Winner in Bekasi City
    Third Winner in Sukabumi City
    2. Regency level champions, namely
    First Place in Pangandaran Regency
    Second Place in Kuningan Regency
    Third Winner in West Bandung Regency

    At the peak of the 47th HKG PKK commemoration in West Java, there was also a product title, such as culinary and craft products produced by TP PKK Kota.

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