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    West Java Education Office Chants to Move Zoning for Parents who Perform Cheating


    BANDUNG - Domicile Investigation Team New Student Admission (PPDB) 2019 West Java seeks to suppress fraudulent domicile fraud when PPDB 2019 takes place. The investigation team that examined the allegedly problematic addresses had also been revealed.

    Previously, there was a suspicion of fraudulent PPDB 2019, namely eight students enrolled in Bandung 3 Public High School and Bandung 5 Public High School using the same address on Jalan Bali, Bandung City.

    The Chairman of the Investigation Team for the Domicile of PPDB 2019 West Java, Heri Suherman, said that cases of alleged domicile fraud occurred because the interest in schools in the city of Bandung was very high. He also made sure to check all the findings related to the Family Card used.

    "So far, this complaint only exists in the city of Bandung. There have been no findings of similar complaints from other cities and districts, "he said, Tuesday (06/25/2019).

    Heri also said that he had fielded an investigation team to examine a number of addresses considered odd. First, KK located on Jalan Sumatera No.42 City of Bandung. The address is located in SMP Negeri 2 Bandung.

    The PPDB registrar, said Heri, is indeed boarding the address there. KK was issued more than 6 months ago. So, it can be used to register PPDB 2019.

    Meanwhile, for two other locations, Jalan Bali and Kalimantan, which were problematic, the KK that was used was indeed a local KK that had been issued for a long time.

    "It's not a new KK, so it's a finding. The new KK will not even become a finding because it will not be used to register, "Heri said, adding that all the results of the inspection had been submitted to the West Java Education Agency.

    Heri who is also the Head of the West Java Population and Civil Registry Service said that his team was formed to verify the real domicile of New Student Candidates (CPDB) with the help of the West Java Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) and local RW (RW).

    "Our work is assisted by the RW head. We can't go down without involving RW. Later they will make a residence certificate if it is correct, "he said.

    Heri added that the domicile information was only entitled to be issued by Disdukcapil. Meanwhile, RW issued a statement of residence as a supplement to KK if needed.

    Regarding KK, continued Heri, it can be printed in a short time. Even if there is a new KK, but the residents have lived a dozen years, then they need a statement from the RW. The new KK can also appear because there is a new printing due to data updates.

     "To optimize work, we will continue to strengthen across the OPD. Including conveying the results to the public on a regular basis, "he said.

    Head of West Java Education Agency Dewi Sartika said, the investigation team, which had moved since Wednesday (6/20/2019), had found 10 suspicious KKs. Among them KK are addressed on Jalan Bali, Jalan Kalimantan, and Jalan Sumatera.

    "The KK does exist (at that address), but the person (student) is not there. The roads in Bali, Kalimantan and Sumatra are like that, "he said.

    According to one member of the investigation team, said Dewi Sartika, if the KK really exists in the area, then administratively there is no problem. However, by entering the name of the student into the KK as a mode to be accepted by PPDB, it will become a new problem.

    "Therefore we must call parents (registrants). But, the important thing is to protect children's rights. Children do not become victims. They have to stay in school, "he said.

    For this reason, his party will call the parents concerned carefully. The solution offered by Disdik is to move from zoning to achievement. However, if they are not on the track of achievement, these students are forced to enter the private sector.

    In essence, Dewi Sartika hopes that students do not become victims and still have to go to school. He added that this investigation team would continue to work.

    "We read social media, discuss complaints, address the results of complaints, or suspect that we check the system. Then plunge into the field led by Disdukcapil, "he said.

    According to Dewi Sartika, it will immediately coordinate with the local RW. On the same day, it will be concluded that the suspicion of KK being made into the PPDB mode of the zoning system is true or not.

    Head of West Java Representative Ombudsman Haneda Sri Lastoto reminded, CPDB parents were no longer reasonable in not knowing or not yet receiving socialization about PPDB. This is because Disdik West Java and related parties have conducted socialization one month before, either via social media or directly at every school or in the Disdik office.

    "I think PPDB is a preparation and the stages are good enough, we will just look at the field," he said.

    If under the supervision of the Ombudsman at the end of the implementation of PPDB Online 2019 it shows worse than last year, the system and mechanism need to be repaired.

    "The public must immediately submit if there are allegations of fraud or mechanisms that are considered confusing to the relevant education or service agencies because they are very open," he said.

    The team consisting of the Education Office, the Population and Civil Registry Service, and the Satpol PP will trace suspicious KKs, namely registrants who have piled up in one household. The system works, every day will do a briefing, discuss, and review what happened. Then, the next day the meeting returned to discuss various complaints and system checks.

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