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    Can be Monitored Real Time, Proof of New Student Registration Committee in West Java Transparent


    BANDUNG - West Java 2019 New Student Registration Committee (PPDB) calls registration with an online system to reduce the level of fraud in PPDB. In fact, participants were difficult to manipulate the domicile because of the transparency of registration.

    According to the 2019 PPDB West Java committee Edy Purwanto, the system managed by the West Java Education Agency (Disdik) has been carried out transparently. So that the community can participate in supervising the implementation of PPDB in real time.

    "Evidence from transparency can be seen by the public," explained Edy when met on Wednesday (26/6).

    One of them is about zoning. According to him, the registrants can register to check and calculate the distance in the PPDB Jabar page with the address https://ppdb.disdik.jabarprov.go.id.

    Even though he was very open, Eddy was not the recipient of the PPDB committee still received many complaints from the public. Including those that are address findings which are indicated a common domicile.

    "This is evidence that we are very transparent and there are complaints as a result of their reading the system," he said.

    Edy assessed, with a transparent system, is one way to prevent fraud in manipulating domicile data. The practice of cheating domicile itself, he said, is because of the high interest in registering to schools that is considered a favorite in the city of Bandung.

    "Not only the committee, is it possible for students to report manipulation of the data? Our task report to this research team in PPDB to be examined further," he explained.

    He argued, the PPDB system applied by the West Java Office that was implementation, mechanism, and control were functioning. So if there are findings, the community can report directly to the PPDB Committee.

    Asked which regencies / cities have many complaints, Edy said that so far it was still in the city of Bandung. Because the city of Bandung is a favorite destination for schools.

    "Allegations in other areas have not yet emerged. I hope there isn't any." There are many complaints from the city of Bandung because of the favorite destination for schools, "he said.

    Edy added, regarding information technology technicality in the data management process so far it has gone well and there are no obstacles. Because, the implementation has been handled by people who have competence in their fields.

    "We have already planned to anticipate steps, so if there are obstacles, we are ready with experts in their fields," said Edy. (*)

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