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    Three Main Tasks of Village Heads Throughout West Java


    CIMAHI - The village head (Kades) is one of the strategic positions in the organizational structure of government in Indonesia. The village head is the spearhead of development and service directly to the community.

    Therefore, West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said that a new paradigm of village development needs to be done. According to him, there are three things that are the main tasks of the village head, one of which is to maintain a sense of security or community conduciveness.

    "I entrusted it, because the task of the Village Chief was to create a sense of security for the community. Knit back togetherness of the community, especially after the presidential election and legislative election," he said when opening the Village Education Training and Education (Batch I, II and III) 2019 at the Office of the Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) of West Java Province, Cimahi City, Monday (6/24/2019).

    The second task of the village head, said Uu Ruzhanul, is to provide excellent service to the community. The current leadership paradigm needs to be changed from being served to serving. That way, the community will get the best service.

    "Give maximum service, excellent service. So, the paradigm of the village head must be changed, first often served but now must serve. The vision of personal mission is extended, but the vision and mission of the community is put forward," he said.

    The third main task of the village head is to improve community welfare. If there is no increase in people's welfare in their leadership, the village head, Uu Ruzhanul continued, could be declared a failure to become a leader.

    Uu Ruzhanul advised Kades throughout West Java to build integrity. One way is to renew the intention that being a leader as a way of worshiping the Almighty God. In addition, the village head needs to build communication with all elements of society.

    "Renewing our intention to become leaders, renew our intention to become the village head. Intend everything we do to get Allah's blessing to become worship," he said.

    In addition to opening the Village Governance training program, Uu Ruzhanul also opened Level IV Batch V and VI Education and Leadership Training (Diklatpim) of the Regional Government of West Java Province in 2019.

    There were 60 people participating in this Diklatpim, namely Echelon IV officials from the Bandung City Government, Depok, Sumedang Regency Government, Purwakarta, Kuningan, Cicendo Eye Hospital (Ministry of Health), and East Belitung Regency Government.

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