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    National Online Samsat Applicable in West Java


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil signed a cooperation agreement for the implementation of the National Online Samsat (Samolnas) with the National Police Corps, represented by AKBP Herri Rio at Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (06/24/2019).

    With this agreement, payment of motor vehicle tax in West Java must be done online. "We support the program from this center, even though we have also been online in West Java through Samsat J'bret," said Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting.

    According to Emil, Samolnas is an improvement from Samsat J'bret or West Java Ngabret. Through Samolnas, taxpayers do not have to go to the Samsat office to make an endorsement because the Vehicle Registration Number (STNK) will be sent directly.

    "This is an example that we adapt to the times, namely public service technology. We must follow the habits of the people, the important thing is the obligation to be fulfilled," he said.

    Head of STNK Standardization Sub-Directorate of Directorate General of National Police Corps Head of National Police AKBP Herri Rio said that currently only six provinces, including West Java, have effectively implemented Samolnas. Even so, the signing of the cooperation has been carried out in 34 provinces.

    "Signing has reached 34 provinces since last April, but five regions have been added, West Java has become six," he said when met after the signing of Samolnas cooperation.

    Herri targets, in two months, Samolnas, which is a program of the National Police Headquarters Korlantas, will be implemented in all regions of Indonesia. "Samolnas' 2-month target runs in all regions," he said.

    Samolnas itself aims to provide convenience to the community by reflecting the pattern of Good Government Service. Samolnas is also an electronic implementation of the PKB, SWDKLLJ, and annual vehicle registration payment service innovations.

    "Samolnas is based on self service by prioritizing the functions of security, integration and automation," Herri said.

    After the signing, the team from the National Police Corruption Eradication Unit carried out Samolnas socialization to the team of coaches of the West Java Samsat Province consisting of West Java Bapenda, West Java Regional Police, PT. Jasa Raharja West Java, and Bank bjb.

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