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    Deputy Governor: Head of Village Must Understand Administration


    CIMAHI CITY- The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum stated, the Village Head (Kades) must improve his ability not only in leadership but also in the administrative field especially in the financial sector.

    "The gift of funds to the villages from various levels of government from the regency / city from the province even from the center also exists, this is a blessing, but this gift should not be a disaster, meaning that it should not be a problem in the future because the administration is not capable in the field of administration, "he explained.

    According to the Deputy Governor, aside from the demands of an increasingly smart community, the more open and the more the desire, the village head must improve his ability, among others by means of Village Governance Education and Training.

    "So the village head today must improve his ability because it is different from so many years back, in addition to the demands of an increasingly smart society," said the Deputy Governor, after opening Education and Training for Village Governance Batch I, II and III of 2019 for Village Heads, in Office Hall of BPSDM Prov. Jabar, Jl. Kolonel Masturi No.11 Cimahi, Monday (24/06).

    The Deputy Governor also requested that the Village Heads in West Java be able to maintain and inventory assets in the village, so that no assets suddenly disappear when there is a change in position.

    "Asset assets in the village are lost, therefore the village heads must be able to inventory assets so that there are no assets that suddenly disappear, the motorbike is lost, the table is lost when the village head changes, so I leave it to all village heads please "asset inventory so that the leadership changes have data and clear accountability," he said. (Parno)

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