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    Reducing Waste From Sources, Realizing West Java Like Singapore


    BANDUNG - Efforts to reduce or eliminate waste from sources are expected to make West Java in particular the Greater Bandung area with faces like Singapore. West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa revealed this after a coordination meeting on waste management in Gedung Sate, Monday (6/24/2019).

    "We emphasize to urban areas or districts, especially those that Citarum goes through to reduce waste starting from the RT level. The program to reduce waste starts from the RT RW level is expected to reduce waste by up to 80 percent and the rest is processed in the processing of Lego Nangka or Lulut Nambo" Iwa said.

    According to Iwa, if the waste reduction program is successful, the Legok Nangka TPPA will not lack waste to be processed, because there are still 20 percent of the reduction program.

    "Actually, the Legok Nangka capacity is not able to accommodate all the garbage in Bandung Raya, so there is still a need to reduce the volume thrown out there" explained Iwa.

    The waste reduction program from sources, especially from the Greater Bandung area, will begin with program proposals for each city district such as Bandung City, Bandung Regency, KBB, Cimahi City, Sumedang Regency and Purwakarta Regency. (Even).

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