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    Aher: The Village Fund Increased Rp 800 Billion Next Year


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan asserted, it is merely delaying the rural infrastructure fund.

    Of the annual allocation of Rp 100 million, specifically in 2016 was handed Rp 50 million in advance, while the rest is in next year recapitulated so that the allocation of Rp 150 million in 2017. The total budget for the village fund is around Rp 530 billion more.

    "So each village will get Rp 150 million in 2017. We beg your understanding because the needs are enormous of PON XIX in 2016, where in 51 years PON is not held in West Java," he said in Bandung on Saturday (04/02/2016).

    According to Aher, West Java is the only province that provide infrastructure funds simultaneously to almost 530 villages since the last 2013 years. In other provinces, the infrastructure funds are not given at the same time to all villages in the same year.

    "Though divided into two stages, we were ready to allocate the budget of around Rp 800 billion more in 2017 due to a combination of the remaining funds this year and the regular budget of the next year," he said.

    Aher called on all parties to be no exaggeration to address this because of the success of PON also involves the good name of West Java both the nationally and even the world.

    “We have understood why this year is reduced. But remember, the next year it is not, we will double it and add its shortcomings," he continued.

    According to him, the national sporting event that cost up to Rp 2.3 trillion and entirely from the budget of the provincial government which is sufficient to drain the budget. There are plans grants from the central government, but it still takes time and the process of realisation.

    On the other hand, he continued, the kuwu (village head) who could protest has also been agreed with the provincial government about the policy.

    "It is finished, and there are no any problems. It has been agreed," said Aher.

    In addition, the village fund actually also exist from the municipality and central government as political appointments by President Jokowi. That is means the budget would covering each other.

    A number of village heads from Cirebon last week came to Gedung Sate, Bandung, asking Rp 100 million/village for infrastructure.

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