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    West Java Distribution PLN Successfully Increases Sales by 3.83% in the First Quarter of 2019


    BANDUNG - PLN West Java Distribution (Disjabar) managed to increase sales by 3.83% in the First Quarter of 2019. This is inseparable from PLN's efforts to facilitate the public in obtaining electricity and improving operating performance.

    In the first quarter of 2019 growth increased by 456,761 MWH compared to the previous year. achieving better performance than the first quarter of the previous year. This year's increase in kWh sales was 3.83% compared to last year with the largest contributor to the Social Tariff segment of 13.4%.

    For Rupiah, PLN Disjabar's income also increased by 4.48% compared to 2018. This was triggered by various Marketing programs launched such as Premium Service Programs, Discounts to Increase Power and Socialization of Gas Stove Conversion to Induction Cookers carried out in all West Java Distribution PLN Service Units .

    Intensive marketing was also carried out to the target customers of the Industrial and Business segments. Power additions such as those carried out in Bekasi and Cikarang were able to capture 32 customers to add power, with delta adding power of 256,000,000 VA in March 2019.

    "The total customers of West Java Distribution in the Business and Industry Segment are currently increasing by 15.1%, PLN Disjabar is committed to serving electricity service needs, especially in the West Java region and we strive to continue to improve to face the 4.0 industrial revolution era" said Iwan Purwana, PLN General Manager West Java UID, Monday (6/24).

    Currently the total premium customers in West Java are 615 customers and 20% percent are in Bekasi and Cikarang. Customers who want to enjoy this premium service can submit to the nearest PLN unit and further technical reliability will be carried out. In addition, PLN also provides a 100% discount for additional House Worship Power and a 50% discount for Household customers. This discount lasts until 30 June 2019. Jo

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