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    World Bank Loans To Reduce Waste From Sources


    BANDUNG - Most of the loan funds from the World Bank will be used to fund the waste reduction program from its source. This was revealed by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil after a coordination meeting handling the Citarum river waste in Gedung Sate on Monday (6/24/2019)

    "Most of it will be used for programs to reduce waste from its sources, namely settlements. So it is not to make sophisticated equipment to scavenge garbage from Citarum, although it is permissible to buy garbage transport equipment such as dum truck and others as a support," he said.

    According to Kang Emil, the World Bank loan fund of Rp 1.4 trillion is planned to be phased out for 5 years, and managed by the central government.

    "We do not hold the money but spend the central government according to our needs later. So we make the program and then deliver it to the central government and then it will be spent according to the needs of the program," explained the Governor.

    Then Kang Emil also explained that the program to reduce waste from the source would be carried out in the city district which had direct contact with Citarum.

    "City districts will also have to make a program plan to reduce waste and then fund it from the world bank. Most of our waste is redundant, the rest if we only transport it and dump it into Legok Nangka for processing," he explained.

    Regarding the disbursement of the funds according to Ridwan Kamil, the certainty will be determined in July by the World Bank, then if approved it will begin to be disbursed in 2020. (Even)

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