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    Ridwan Kamil Invites Islamic Organizations to Build Economic Integrity


    BANDUNG REGENCY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil invites all West Java residents and all Syarikat Islam (SI) cadres in West Java Province to get involved in developing the people's economy. Moreover West Java has great potential in terms of population and good economic growth.

    As stated by Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - while attending the opening of the 10th Regional Conference (Muswil) of the Islamic Office of West Java Province at the Al Fathu Soreang Grand Mosque, Bandung Regency, Saturday (06/22/19).

    "Now (Islamic Business) is focusing on the people's economy, it is very connected with the West Java provincial program," Emil said.

    "So that after this Regional Office we will have a special meeting on how this organization can move the economy of West Java, especially the great economic economy," he continued.

    Furthermore, Emil explained that there were various economic economic programs presented by the West Java Provincial Government to develop a societal economy, such as the Mesra Kredit (Prosperous Economic Community) program.

    The program provides convenience for people who want to get credit loans through various places of worship, such as mosques and other places of worship.

    "For those of West Java, Syarikat Islam residents who need loans remember the Mesra Credit program," Emil said.

    "The way to come to the mosque. Request a recommendation letter from the DKM Chair, after obtaining the DKM letter, Bank BJB will provide interest-free loans, without collateral for the use of the father / mother for economic purposes."

    "This is an example of Islamic law that we implement in development," Emil continued.

    Other programs are being developed, namely One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) and One Village One Company (OVOC). Both programs aim to develop the economy of pesantren and villages through entrepreneurship. The system applied in this program the government will first look for buyers before producing a product.

    If the product that the customer wants is known, the OPOP and OVOC programs will then produce the goods according to consumer demand.

    Syarikat Islam through the Central Executive Board (Laznah Tanfidziyah) Hamdan Zoelva said that after the SI Congress in 2015 then economic da'wah became the new vision of the Islamic Society today. In fact, mastery of the market, banking industry, and other economic fields became the noble ideals of SI.

    According to Hamdan, Muslims today have problems in the economic field. Economic inequality occurs between rich and poor people.

    "Therefore, our main vision is for Islamic Companies to become organizations that advance the economy," Hamdan said.

    This time the West Java Regional Muswil took the theme "With the Meeting of the Islamic Office of West Java, Mari Kita Synergizes Da'wah Activities, Education, and Micro Economy Towards Advanced, Independent, and Competitive Development". Muswil was held from 22-23 June 2019 at Sutan Raja Hotel, Soreang, Bandung Regency.

    The main agenda of the Regional Office is to establish work programs and strategic programs, and choose the formulation of the West Java Islamic Board of Directors 2019-2024.

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