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    Government Will Keep Assist The WUB Business Development


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) opened the event of thousand products by New Entrepreneurs (WUB) in West Java on the front hall of Gedung Sate Bandung on Sunday (04/03/16). It was attended by Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Yudi Crisnandi and Tourism Minister Arief Yahya as the coach of Marketing Indonesia.

    Governor Aher said the title of 1,000 WUB product is a program of the provincial government in 2014, which scored a 100 thousand new entrepreneurs in West Java, which entered its third year has scored as many as 60 thousand new entrepreneurs. “In five years InsyaAllah, 100 thousand will be reached. Hopefully they continue to survive and grow into medium and large businesses," said Aher.

    Aher also asked the new entrepreneurs to do not give up because the government will always help develop their business. In addition, the presence of Marketing, Aher will also help because the problems often faced by entrepreneurs are marketing. "Usually the problem faced is difficult to market, but do not worry it's all been resolved," he said.

    Aher explained, macroeconomics mentioned that in a population, at least 4 percent to be entrepreneurs because this is what will create jobs for other people. He pointed at the Chinese state with 14 percent of the population are entrepreneurs, but Indonesia is currently self-employed population is only 1.65 percent.

    "It is still very poor, therefore I ask the residents of West Java, to students, to the young people to get ready to be a formidable entrepreneur in this country," pleaded Aher.

    The event themed was "New Entrepreneurs in West Java Kahiji in Asean”. It was also attended by a thousand new entrepreneurs who hold a wide range of products such as food and beverages, clothing, household supplies and many other home products industry.

    In addition also given awards to entrepreneurs that is Perwira Award, and the record-breaking cake making of the largest made by entrepreneurs who listed his name in ORI or Original Record of Indonesia. The West Java KUMKM Department also released the book of "One Hundred Thousand New Entrepreneurs who Inspiring in West Java" and the website will be used for dissemination of new entrepreneurship program in West Java.

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