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    The Ministry of Transportation Needs to Re-Inspect BIJB


    BANDUNG- PT Angkasa Pura II's various preparations continue to be made regarding the transfer of route 12 for domestic flights from Husein Sastranegara Bandung Airport to West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka District which will take effect from July 1, 2019.

    PT Angkasa Pura II's Executive General Manager, Ibut Astono, said that various supporting things were being prepared because traffic was ensured and the number of passengers would increase in the BIJB Kertajati.

    "We continue to coordinate with BIJB including the Ministry of Transportation to conduct re-inspections at BIJB," he said.

    According to Ibut, a number of airlines stated that they were ready to operate in BIJB Kertajati where they had handed over the number of aircraft and routes that would operate.

    "Citylink Aribowo Setio and Lion Air stated that they are ready to enter Europe in Kertajati BIJB starting on July 1, 2019," said Ibut, in the Jabar Punya Informasi (Japri) ceremony, at the East Parking Building of Sate, Friday (6/21).

    Meanwhile, Citylink Distric Sales Manager Aribowo Setio said that his party had prepared 6 domestic flight routes from BIJB Kertajati.

    "In principle, we are ready to support BIJB Kertajati and we have prepared 6 flight routes from BIJB," he said.

    Meanwhile Lion Air's Distric Manager Eva Rusmini emphasized that it was ready to move a number of domestic flight routes from Husein Sastranegara Airport to BIJB Kertajati, which amounted to 13 flights

    "If later the flight frequency of a good BIJB does not reduce the possibility that we will also add flights," he said. (Parno)

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