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    Building a Suspension Bridge, Realizing West Java Inner Birth Champion


    BANDUNG CITY - Dedi Supandi's Head of the Community and Village Empowerment Service (DPM) stated, the Heart Hanging Bridge program of the Heart of the Village is one of the innovations to realize the vision and mission of the West Java Provincial Government - Daily Inner Champion Champion.

    According to the Dedi Supandi, there are three main things that the DPM-Village wants to achieve with the Heart of the Village, namely the village community, improving connectivity between villages, and reducing the costs of transforming rural communities.

    "The village suspension bridge has a breakthrough between villages that have many interests," Dedi said when contacted by telephone on Friday (6/21/2019).

    "The end is economic improvement, time effectiveness, and cost effectiveness. Those who have to go around for a few kilometers are just cross with a relatively short time, there are time and cost effectiveness," he continued .

    Dedi Supandi did not deny that there were several obstacles faced in the village development process. One of the biggest obstacles is the lack of access to the location. According to him, several locations that will be built by suspension bridges cannot be passed by four-wheeled vehicles.

    The situation, said Dedi Supandi, was hampered the process of sending raw materials. In order to complete this obstacle, the DPM-Desa Jawa Barat collaborated with the Human Resources (HR) community guarantee.

    "The condition is almost impassable by four-wheeled vehicles. To bring the material must use the power of empowerment (or) labor intensive labor. The raw materials are carried to the location," he said.

    "But, our society is good. They are involved in implementing the suspension bridge. They are working together. It's just what makes us excited," he continued.

    In order to maintain the quality of the suspension bridges that were built, the DPM-Village collaborated with several professional supervisors and formed the Task Force of the Village Heart Implementation Supervisor. The Heart Program went according to plan.

    "We have done it from April to yesterday there is supervision. Control quality and professional supervisors, we have also made regulations regarding the implementation of Village Heart activities supervision," he said.

    In 2019, the DPM-Desa itself will build 20 suspension bridges in seven districts / cities, namely Sukabumi, Cianjur, Kuningan, Sumedang, Tasikmalaya, Majalengka, Garut, and Subang.

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