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    West Java Regional Secretary Exposes Cisumdawu Toll Road Development


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa explained the development of the construction of the Cileunyi-Sumedang – Dawuan (Cisumdawu) toll road after holding a meeting to Evaluate the Progress and Acceleration of Cisumdawu Toll Road Construction in Gedung Sate Papandayan Room, Friday (6/21/2019).

    According to Iwa, phase I development has reached 100 percent with a length of 6.3 kilometers. Meanwhile, phase II development with a length of 10.7 kilometers has progressed, with the acquisition of land reaching 92.3 percent and physical construction of 68.62 percent.

    Even so with phase III development which has a length of 10.57 kilometers. The land that has been acquired reaches 68.53 percent and physically 31.1 percent.

    "This is the last development. So, in total for phase I, II and III, the central authority for the land is 86.33% and the physical level is 63.25%. This is for part of the government portion with a length of 29.05 km, namely between Cileunyi, Interchange Rancakalong, and Sumedang, "he said.

    Meanwhile, section III through section VI is an obligation of BPJT (Toll Road Regulatory Agency). The latest developments which are classified as significant are only section III. "Then, the latest development of land acquisition has been above 90% and the physical has been 75%. Now, now we need to speed up in sections IV, V and VI, "Iwa said.

    "I asked in the meeting to immediately complete the various requirements so that the Binamarga party would provide us, the Forestry Service to provide technical recommendations thus the process of replacing Perhutani was sufficient," he continued.

    In addition, Iwa said there were several problems regarding the hampering the development process. The first is related to land waqf land. At present the waqf land acquisition regulation is available at the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion, the plan is that next week he will meet with the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion.

    "Furthermore, this waqf land in accordance with the Directorate General's letter is the obligation of the BPJT to make a replacement as well as to build a Madrasah or its mosque," he said.

    The next issue is related to the replacement of LMAN (State Asset Management Agency) for the payment process. In this case the BPJT will be a mediator in accelerating the payment process to eligible citizens. Then, there was a change in PAGU because of the substantial funding needs.

    "Fourth, regarding the toll road access from Cipali to Kertajati, it will be released this year at the change. After the change process is complete, the construction process for access to the road to Kertajati airport will be carried out, "he said.

    In addition, there is hope from the Regent of Majalengka for direct access to the airport that passes through Aerocity. Currently the request process is in process. According to Iwa, if this happens, it will turn Aerocity Kertajati on and increase the acceleration of goods and vehicles. That way, access to the airport has two routes.

    Iwa said that his party would encourage the court to accelerate the consignment of the impact of slow land execution. He will coordinate with the judiciary to get attention so that the process is fast and the evidence can be accepted by the BUJT and PPK land to make payments in accordance with applicable regulations.

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